Red Door Magazine is a quarterly Arts & Culture publication meant to document the work of creators everywhere, as well as facilitate new conversations on important matters for our communities in a local and international way, through the linking of themes, collaborations, interviews and hybrid events that can expand the reach of independent voices and remarkable projects.


The Story:

The initiative was created in New York in 2009 as an independent door to connect the community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field. To allow each and everyone of you to become the protagonists and the creators of opportunities, threading waters between New York and the world, in a timeless manner. Our goal? Rebuilding present. Leaving a footprint in the city and causing reactions.

Our reach extends to various continents, with correspondents in Australia, Latin America, the US and Europe, with Denmark and Sweden as the physical headquarters of Red Door Magazine.


The Correspondents/Collaborators:

Tanya Cossio, Mexico
Mario Z.Puglisi, Mexico
Melaine Knight, Australia
Brandon Davis, X-US/Germany
Dominic Williams, Wales
Martin Andersen, Denmark
Pablo Saborio, Denmark

About the magazine