The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in our network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us.

Find out why artists, activists and worldthreaders do what they do, how they do it, and hear about the inner workings of their projects. Contemporary happenings and conversations on culture, music, art, film, poetry, environment and independent projects around the planet. WE EXIST!

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Episode 7: The pen is mightier.
On the eve of the Helsinki book fair, the president of the Finnish PEN joined the Red Transmissions podcast for this conversation.

Unofficially nicknamed “The Indiana Jones of Playwright”, Veera Tyhtilä is a multitalented writer, playwright and screenplay writer, essayist and poet, with over 15 plays and films released in Finland.

We discuss the importance of free expression and free media in the political and financial atmosphere of the world right now, and what role the more fortunate countries have in defense of those who cannot speak up.

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and Finnish PEN.

Episode 6: The X Character – A poet, graphic designer and multimedia artist originary from Mexico and residing in Finland, Daniel Malpica joins the Red Transmissions to discuss the very current matters that affect creators in transition, many of them migrants in need of visibilization, and what he’s doing to help… and to cope with the situation creatively himself.

The X character has become a sygil in his work and identity, because to him it represents the crossing of paths, moving through literary forms, and defining one’s identity in the process.

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Episode 5: The Temple of Knowledge – As the 33rd edition of the International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia, quickly approaches, Sandra Pulido Urrea, director of the book fair, visited the Nordic Countries, countries guest of honor in the upcoming fair, and shared with us the developments of this great upcoming feast of books and knowledge.

With themes on the table such as culture for a sustainable future, a new educational forum, a wide array of Nordic authors and Colombian publishers investing in Nordic translations and translations, the book fair will take place from the 21st of April to the 5th of May.

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Episode 4: The Neon Rebel- Stylist, musician, writer, illustrator, freedom fighter, worldthreader, and columnist of Red Door Magazine Melaine Knight is known under her pseudonym The Neon Rebel. The ‘Australian Women in Music Awards’ just named her recipient of the ‘Sun Studios Excellence In Image Making Award’. In this episode we talk about her passion for music and creating iconic images that activate people and inspire.

Melaine has been graced to work in the tour wardrobes of some of the music industry’s leading artists like Prince, Madonna, Beyoncé, Jack White, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Cohen, and many more.

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Episode 3: Gettin’ on with it – A conversation with Manoj Ramdas, multitalented musician known for his work in radio, film and bands such as Spektr, Sort Sol and the Raveonettes. (photo by Mikkel Sylvester Larsen).

To escape from the triteness of reality, Manoj Ramdas created his own universe, where music is the all encompassing language that interlinks all which he is passionate about. He does this with constancy and discipline, but also with the curiosity of a child always ready to be surprised.

It works. Through music, Manoj has traveled the world, performed in stages and toured with bands of international acclaim.

From film soundtracks to comic books to research on other less-traditional subjects, this multitalented musician from Denmark shares his interests and questions, creative process and advice.


Photo by Mikkel Sylvester Larsen.

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Episode 2: Dark Ages – A conversation with Kirsten Reynolds, who visits us from the UK to talk about her light art and photography.
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Episode 1: Take off – A conversation with Uffe Lorenzen (photo by Zarko Ivetic, illustrated by Ms.Neverstop)
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