Red Door also functions as a gallery and independent space in order to serve as a platform for the same purposes. In expanding its reach, Red Door also counts with:

-A podcast called the Red Transmissions, where creatives, activists and cultural organizers share their process, projects and initiatives.
-A Poetic Phonotheque, which serves as an online collection of poetry in many languages in the voice of its authors, created to break the barriers of distance and facilitate free access to poetry in households around the world.
-An independent print project called Red Press, which focuses on the publication of poetry (and illustration) in translation. Bilingual books, handmade, limited edition books.
-The Red Door Gallery located in the cultural hub of Copenhagen on Møllegade, Nørrebro, where talks, workshops, exhibitions, performances and other events are often on the calendar, as well as limited edition books and prints, original art, miniature books and other art related products, often with a focus on poetry. See them also on the online shop.


Here is a network directory of our partners, friends and collaborators.

Feel free to submit your project’s information to if you wish to be included here:


-Red Door Gallery & Magazine

Art Gallery & Magazine, Phonotheque and other audiovisual projects:

-Litteraturcentrum KVU:
Ett Litterärt nätverk med stöd av sina medlemmar samt:
Region Jönköpings Län, Tranås Kommun,
Svenska Akademien och Kulturrådet.

Cultivation is a cultural organization based in Tranås. Through networking and interactions, we create cultural exchange both locally, nationally and internationally.

Write4word is a west Wales based community interest company.
W4W believes in the power of the Language Arts in all aspects of life.

-La Libélula Vaga:
A space for literature without frontiers. International poetry magazine:

Oma Taidetalo
(Own Arthouse/Grandmother’s Arthouse)

Project-based, artist run residency in East Finland, with an emphasis on communal living, site specific creation and collective structures.
From May-October 2021, an intact residential house from the 1950s will house artists and creative minds from all fields, for residency periods of one week to a month.
Monthly public events, in local historical venues, showcase works and research by artists-in-residence.