The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in our network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us.

Find out why artists, activists and worldthreaders do what they do, how they do it, and hear about the inner workings of their projects. Contemporary happenings and conversations on culture, music, art, film, poetry, environment and independent projects around the planet.

Red Transmissions podcast was founded in Copenhagen in 2019 and uses an interview format where one-on-one detailed conversations are had about creative process, techniques, projects, dreams, failures as well as tips in the various industries discussed in each episode.

The podcast is currently listed under Apple’s Art & Culture Noteworthy podcasts, and is also aired in Berlin’s community radio KEITH FM, as well as through the project Trafika Europe Research, a literary radio initiative.

This is a Red Door initative hosted by Madam Neverstop, founder and director of the magazine.

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Episode 37: The Typewriter Revolution

Author and typewriter collector Richard Polt @typewriterrevolution grew up in California and Madrid. He teaches philosophy at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of his academic publications have focused on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. He has been collecting typewriters for over 25 years; the hobby has led to a website, a blog, the book The Typewriter Revolution, a series of anthologies of typewritten stories, and a forthcoming novel.

Learn more at: https://typewriterrevolution.com/

The TYPEWRITTEN issue of Red Door Magazine #28, comes out this fall.

Episode 36: Out of limbo and into heaven

American artist Jonathan Read @jonreadsart has built an entire universe inspired by mythology, religion, fiction and dreams, using a tableaux style to present quasi-historical and quasi autobiographical narratives.

In this episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast Jon shares with us his creative process, upbringing and artistic curiosities, the experiences learned from his nontraditional approach to art, music, and life.



Episode 35: Trafika Europe Research

Poet, literary editor, translator, visual artist, director and editor in chief of Trafika Europe Research Andrew Singer joins this episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast to share the story, concept, purpose and various services provided by this project to promote and represent new fiction and poetry in Europe, be it through publications, events, livestreams…and even the very first literary radio!

This is also the episode in which we officially announce a partnership between Red Door / Trafika Europe to continue documenting and celebrating the many literary voices in our network. Learn more at trafikaeurope.org

Episode 34: Homeward

The Danish band SKARN is the self-described joker in your deck of cards. An 8-legged trio consisting of drums, standup bass, guitar, vocals and Erling the Duck. The band plays their own songs and a couple of cover songs, with a focus on transporting their listeners to a specific longing or poetic emotion relatable in both a local and global level. The band released their debut album “Hjemad” in May 2020, and was nominated for a Danish Music Award in the categori “Best New Roots Act”. On this episode of Red Transmissions Podcast, the vocalist and guitarist of the band, poet, songwriter and booker Mikkel Vinther, shares the creation story of this project, the making of an album as an independent band, the challenges and lessons throughout the pandemic, and what drives this group of musicians to keep on going, rain or shine.

Episode 33: Void – The Power of Storytelling 

VOID International Animation Film Festival (VOID IAFF) is an annual ten-day cultural event taking place at the Cinemateket of Copenhagen, DK.
VOID IAFF was created by VOID Copenhagen in 2015 with the purpose of celebrating animation in all its forms by creating and promoting a space where storytellers connect with a broader audience. The festival envision a future that cherishes animation as the powerful storytelling tool it is in telling stories that are diverse, experimental, compelling, and that matter.

On this episode, Sandra Brunkow Simonsen, Head of Programming at VOID joins the Red Transmissions Podcast to share the current must-sees, programming and modifications to the festival due to the current lockdown… as well as tips for filmmakers and animators on how to submit their work to festivals and how to pitch their stories successfully.


Episode 32: Takin’ On Nørrebro

Sune Frandsen is a self-described one man army, board game creator and designer, who likes to document the quirks, neighbourly vibes, history and culture through board games he designs, produces and distributes independently.

This time, he talks to Red Transmissions Podcast about his latest creation, “Slaget Om Nørrebro” (The battle of Nørrebro) which combines the styles of various board games to bring you the funniest, the most cliché and classics of this part of Copenhagen.

Learn more about the boardgame here:


or follow on FB:

Episode 31: The Art of the Occult

S. Elizabeth is a writer, curator, and frill-seeker, currently promoting her new book The Art of the Occult, a visual feast of eclectic artwork informed and inspired by spiritual beliefs, magical techniques, mythology and otherworldly experiences.

Her essays and interviews about esoteric art have appeared in
Coilhouse, Dirge Magazine among others. Her occulture blog Unquiet Things intersects music,
fashion, horror, perfume, and grief.



Episode 30: Reframing the Human Spirit

Professor in glaciology and climate at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Jason Box is the go-to speaker for climate change conversations and is often sought by the media and organizations discussing this important topic.

“Reframing the Human Spirit” is a concept Jason Box is developing to help us understand how, by modifying the key aspects of our life to include wellness and mindfulness as a daily practice, we can change our relationship with the planet. On this podcast, Jason shares these ideas, what they look like and where they’re going, as well as current projects, experience and other initiatives.

For this episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast, Jason suggested we team up with another organization doing similar things with a different approach. Located in LA, Tree Media is a production think tank that uses stories and media to encourage an open society based on wisdom and informed, positive action. They have developed a channel called N2K (Need to Know) where they post shorts and documentaries that promote environmental consciousness and other subjects of a social nature.


Follow Jason Box on Twitter: twitter.com/climate_ice

Episode 29: Versopolis – The Festival of Hope

Named one of the most original European poets writing today by the Bavarian Academy of Arts, Ales Steger is the author of numerous books of poetry, novels, essays… as well as an editor, translator, initiator of artistic and cultural events, and director of Versopolis, a European Poetry Platform that creates new opportunities for writers and promotes mobility through a series of literature festivals.

As part of a collaboration with Litteraturcentrum KVU, Versopolis introduces its Festival of Hope, which Red Door will be documenting through a series of interviews for its Red Transmissions Podcast.

To learn more about the Festival of Hope, visit:

To learn more about Aleš Šteger, visit:

To learn more about Litteraturcentrum KVU, visit:

Episode 28: Something to look up to

Michael Favala Goldman, is a translator, poet, educator and jazz clarinetist. Among his 16 translated books are The Water Farm Trilogy by Cecil Bødker, Dependency (a Penguin Classic) by Tove Ditlevsen (now part of a trilogy coming out this January in the US), New and Selected Poems by Knud Sørensen, and Something To Live Up ToSelected Poems of Benny Andersen. Goldman’s first book of original poetry, Who has time for this? came out in 2020. His second book, Small Sovereign is forthcoming in October, 2021. He lives in Massachusetts, USA, where he has been running bi-monthly poetry critique groups since 2018.



Episode 27: Poetry in Translation


The art of translation as it relates to poetry is an intimate practice that varies from person to person, but still borrows certain precepts and common principles from other types of translation.

This event, created in collaboration between write4word, La Libélula Vaga, Red Door and Kultivera, gathers translators, authors and lovers of poetry in translation to dig deeper into the subject. What is the purpose of translation? Why is it important in our time? Contributing to the discussion: Jonas Ellerström, Elizabeth Torres, Bengt Berg, clare e potter, Maria E Blanco; moderated by Aleisa Ribalta Guzmán and Dominic Williams.


Episode 26: Rewiring your expectations – A conversation with Oliver Harris

Academic and professor, author and editor of over 14 books Oliver Harris, founder and president of the European Beat Studies Network, shares his story and arrival to Burroughs and the Beat generation, his work documenting and publishing on this subject, the purposes and projects of the EBSN, and of course, the cut-up technique.
Learn more about Oliver Harris and the EBSN: https://ebsn.eu/
Music by William S. Burroughs and King Khan, from the album “Let Me Hang You”, which you can acquire here: khannibalism.bandcamp.com/album/let-me-hang-you


Episode 25: The Space Lady

Known as one of the pioneering voices in space music genre, singer and songwriter Susan Dietrich, who performs under the name of “The Space Lady”, speaks to the Red Transmissions Podcast from her home in Colorado, about her past and arrival to music, how it changed her life and allowed her to build an audience and travel through Europe extensively, her creative process and plans for the near future.
The Space Lady
Photo credit: Terri Loewenthal.


Episode 24: No ulterior motives – A conversation with Noah Cicero

American Novelist and Poet Noah Cicero is currently promoting his new book “Las Vegas Bootlegger – Empire of Self-importance” published by Trident Press in the US. On this episode of the Red Transmissions podcast, from his home in Nevada, Noah spoke in detail of the world and characters of this book, his influences, contemporaries and the locations and reasons that lead him to write.
Noah has a movie made of his first book called “The Human War” which won the 2014 Beloit Film Festival award for Best Screenplay. He has books translated into Turkish, Kurdish and Spanish. His first book of poetry, “Bipolar Cowboy” was voted one of the best books on Goodreads in 2015.

Episode 23: Looping a path between history and now – Magnus Grehn

On this episode of Red Transmissions Podcast: Punk and hardcore, jazz and “odd music” record collector, librarian, poet, publisher and musician Magnus Grehn talks to the Red Transmissions Podcast about his path, both in the physical sense, tracing the footsteps of Tranås and its characters, as in the mental and emotional sense through the music and books that revive his passion for culture and the underground every day.

Episode 22: To fringe is… -Colm Kiernan

Once a year, the city of Tranås (Sweden) opens its doors, cultural centers, venues and restaurants to a collection of creators who have traveled from all over to be part of At the Fringe, an International Festival which brings together poetry, performance, film, visual art, workshops and talks.
Colm Kiernan is the poet and wizard behind this project, and in this episode of Red Transmissions, shares the nuts and bolts of what it is to Fringe.

Episode 22: To find the glitch – to become it – Milica Denkovic

A desire to capture the immensity of spaces, the randomness of time and people, the beauty of abandoned spaces outside and within us, Serbian artist Milica Denkovic applies her creativity in a range of multimedia genres that go from slam poetry and photography to digital illustration – and sometimes interact until becoming one very unique and pertinent glitch.

Learn more at:

Episode 20:
Falling in love with shadows Bengt Berg

Bengt Berg’s debut poetry collection, Where the Dream Ends, appeared in 1974 and since then he has written more than 35 books, mostly poetry, and traveled around the world with them. His poems have been translated into more than 15 languages and won him several Literary prizes, among them some from The Swedish Academy.
In this conversation Bengt Berg talks about the need for community, for poetry (and his relationship with it), the definition of socialism for current times in case of doubts, and why he is always looking for shadows everywhere he goes.

Episode 19: ADJUNTO – Rafael Franco Steeves

Writer, journalist, pathological tourist and actor Rafael Franco-Steeves opened up about his leading role in “Adjunto”, the short film directed by Felix Piñeiro that navigates us through the struggles of addiction, inner fears, life in a distant city and the very real difficulties of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria and the tragedies that followed… all subjects which hit very close to home when telling his story, and how he’s become the brave and prolific creator he is today.
Rafael was just awarded Best Actor at the Rincon International Film Festival @rinconfilmfest and the film won Best Short in the same festival.
Learn more about Adjunto and its world premiere here:
or watch it through the festival online here:
Follow Rafael Franco-Steeves and his work here:

Episode 18: Wicked Women – Alejandra Guerrero

On this episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast, escape through the rabbit hole and get a glimpse into the world of erotic, fetish and glamour photography, as seen through the lens of Alejandra Guerrero.
Her book, “Wicked Women”, released in 2020, is a compilation of constructed fictions that explore fashion, fetishism and role play trough Guerrero’s defined style, providing an exquisite and empowering female perspective of deviant realities.

Episode 17: Realizing a hybrid existence- Dominic Williams

Poet, educator, literary curator and all around inspiring communicator in the field of language arts, Dominic Williams shares with us the process of translating community-based events to a digital format, and then reintroducing them into a physical environment, allowing these two to converge into a more inclusive hybrid existence.
Learn more about Dominic Williams at:

Episode 16:
Chasing the Aegean dream

Passionate for the world around her and skilled at shifting careers, nomad, film & TV producer and developer, and entrepreneur Emma Moroney shares the lessons learned through her various careers and locations, advice for digital nomads and people dreaming of building a remote-working, country-hopping lifestyle, actualizing her mindset and reflecting on her steps to build a daring present… all from Tinos, Greece, the island that conquered her heart.
Find the episode on Spotify, iTunes, and most podcast providers, or simply by clicking here:

Episode 15:
Speaking of synchronicities

On this episode of Red Transmissions, musician / producer / artist / writer King Khan shares his story, tribulations and life lessons, creative process and current projects, and speaks in detail of the Black Power Tarot he developed with artist Michael Eaton and Jodorowsky’s guidance, as well as the record ‘Let Me Hang You’ with none other than William S. Borroughs.

Learn more about King Khan’s work and productions here:

Episode 14:
The Man in Camo

On this episode of Red Transmissions, we discuss the creative process,  challenges and influences, ideas and dreams of artist entrepreneur, zine publisher, author and film maker Ethan Minsker, who resides in the LES of New York, and from there, invites you to check out his new film “The Man in Camo”. Follow his work at:


Episode 13:
Daring to Manifest

An interview with renown author, media personality and travel influencer Valeria Schapira, who inspires women and men in Argentina and Latin America to dare to pursue their dreams through tangible steps towards achieving their goals.
Learn more about Valeria’s work at:

Episode 12:
Cutting through the Noise

This episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast introduces someone who combines the skills of journalism with music curation, whose experience has led him to write for Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, the Village Voice and other publications… and for the past 5 years, to help shape the image and content of Bandcamp’s Daily as the Editorial Director of this company.

Listen to his story, his recommendations and predictions in music, as well as advice for musicians and labels on how to write about music and pitch it to music media.

Learn more about J. Edward Keyes and read his articles at

Episode 11: The Poetry Pharmacy

On this 11th episode of the Red Transmissions, and celebrating a year since the creation of this podcast, we find ourselves in the middle of a lockdown, facing the unimaginable: a pandemic.

What better way to calm our spirits, soothe our hearts and engage our brains, than talking to an expert in these matters?

Deborah Alma is a poet, editor, and founder of the Poetry Pharmacy. She takes her poetic job so seriously, she drives around in an ambulance, takes online poetic consultations, and gives poetic prescriptions for modern day ailments.

Visit: https://poetrypharmacy.co.uk/ to learn more.

Episode 10: The Poetic Phonotheque

This episode of the Red Transmissions Podcast introduces The Poetic Phonotheque, a virtual collection of poetry in the voices of its authors, initiated by Red Door during the International Poetry Day of 2020.

On this episode, the following poets are featured:
Volker Regner, Marijana Jakobac, Mel Perry, Pedro Licona, Jonas Bengt Svensson, Gary Barwin, Abdul Hamid Sibai, and Phil Shoenfelt.

Listen to the entire collection or submit your own recording at:


Episode 9: The person, the process, the purpose

During the Helsinki Book Fair this past October, I had the opportunity of meeting one of the most acclaimed and internationally awarded authors from the Nordic countries. A woman who dedicates her time to narrating the human struggle through her stories, and using her voice to highlight issues of importance to us all, such as freedom of speech, LGBT rights and feminism.
Sofi Oksanen is an Estonian/Finnish author, whose latest book “The Dog Park” discusses how corruption affects the lives of ordinary people. In this conversation, she shares her writing process and objectives, what moves her, and why she is so actively involved in public debate on current issues.
Learn more about her at http://www.sofioksanen.com
Photo by Toni Härkönen.
You can listen to Red Transmissions Podcast on Spotify, iTunes and most podcast providers, or simply by clicking here:


Episode 8: Feral, Feminist, Fabulous February.

A new international festival of experimental circus, vogue, sideshow, art, performance, dance and music has arrived to Copenhagen right in the midst of February, to put some color back into the city.

Elise Bjerkelund Reine, a circus performer and contortionist, developed this concept last fall and in this episode of Red Transmissions, shares with us the behind-the-curtains details of this fabulous project.

Official website:


Follow the festival on FB: https://www.facebook.com/feralfestival.dk

Episode 7: The pen is mightier.
On the eve of the Helsinki book fair, the president of the Finnish PEN joined the Red Transmissions podcast for this conversation.

Unofficially nicknamed “The Indiana Jones of Playwright”, Veera Tyhtilä is a multitalented writer, playwright and screenplay writer, essayist and poet, with over 15 plays and films released in Finland.

We discuss the importance of free expression and free media in the political and financial atmosphere of the world right now, and what role the more fortunate countries have in defense of those who cannot speak up.

Thank you @Veera Tyhtila
and Finnish PEN.


Episode 6: The X Character – A poet, graphic designer and multimedia artist originary from Mexico and residing in Finland, Daniel Malpica joins the Red Transmissions to discuss the very current matters that affect creators in transition, many of them migrants in need of visibilization, and what he’s doing to help… and to cope with the situation creatively himself.

The X character has become a sygil in his work and identity, because to him it represents the crossing of paths, moving through literary forms, and defining one’s identity in the process.

Visit his website to see his portfolio and learn more about his projects:


You can learn more about his current immigration situation and what the process looks like here:


See a PEN interview about Daniel, his career and thought process:

Or follow him on Instagram:

Episode 5: The Temple of Knowledge – As the 33rd edition of the International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia, quickly approaches, Sandra Pulido Urrea, director of the book fair, visited the Nordic Countries, countries guest of honor in the upcoming fair, and shared with us the developments of this great upcoming feast of books and knowledge.

With themes on the table such as culture for a sustainable future, a new educational forum, a wide array of Nordic authors and Colombian publishers investing in Nordic translations and translations, the book fair will take place from the 21st of April to the 5th of May.

Learn more at:


Episode 4: The Neon Rebel- Stylist, musician, writer, illustrator, freedom fighter, worldthreader, and columnist of Red Door Magazine Melaine Knight is known under her pseudonym The Neon Rebel. The ‘Australian Women in Music Awards’ just named her recipient of the ‘Sun Studios Excellence In Image Making Award’. In this episode we talk about her passion for music and creating iconic images that activate people and inspire.

Melaine has been graced to work in the tour wardrobes of some of the music industry’s leading artists like Prince, Madonna, Beyoncé, Jack White, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Cohen, and many more.

Learn more about the Neon Rebel and her work at: http://melaineknight.com


Episode 3: Gettin’ on with it – A conversation with Manoj Ramdas, multitalented musician known for his work in radio, film and bands such as Spektr, Sort Sol and the Raveonettes. (photo by Mikkel Sylvester Larsen).

To escape from the triteness of reality, Manoj Ramdas created his own universe, where music is the all encompassing language that interlinks all which he is passionate about. He does this with constancy and discipline, but also with the curiosity of a child always ready to be surprised.

It works. Through music, Manoj has traveled the world, performed in stages and toured with bands of international acclaim.

From film soundtracks to comic books to research on other less-traditional subjects, this multitalented musician from Denmark shares his interests and questions, creative process and advice.

Photo by Mikkel Sylvester Larsen.

Follow Manoj on Instagram: @vironvortex

or visit his band Spektr on FB: https://www.facebook.com/spektrband/

Childrenn: https://www.facebook.com/CHILDRENNtheband/

Episode 2: Dark Ages – A conversation with Kirsten Reynolds, who visits us from the UK to talk about her light art and photography.

Multimedia artist Kirsten Reynolds, featured artist of Red Door Magazine’s issue #20 “The Future”, talks about DARK AGES, her latest series of work, exhibited simultaneously in Bornholm and Copenhagen. She shares stories of her travels and creative process.

Kirsten is an English artist whose diverse practice encompasses, drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and print-making as well as the creation of works using sound, light, electronics and found objects.

Learn more at:

See more of her work at:
Follow Kirsten on Instagram: @reynolds_art


Episode 1: Take off – A conversation with Uffe Lorenzen (photo by Zarko Ivetic)

The first dispatch of The Red Transmissions is an interview with Uffe Lorenzen, aka Lorenzo Woodrose, who shares stories about his creative process, the making of TRIPRAPPORT, his new solo album coming out on May 10, 2019… We talk about mushrooms, analog vs.digital, and a little bit of everything else, including his role in the upcoming Danish movie Valhalla.

Feast your ears on this!

p.s: You can order Triprapport by Uffe Lorenzen here: https://badafrorecords.bandcamp.com/album/triprapport

Follow Uffe on Instagram: @themanwhoatetheplant


Episode 1: Take off

This episode 0 is the introduction and first dispatch of the Red Transmissions podcast.

The story of the Red Door Magazine and Gallery, and the characters who’ve played an active role in its creation.

Narrated by Madam Neverstop, to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Red Door.


All podcast illustrations, concept and interviews by Madam Neverstop.