September 16 – Oct 23
RED DOOR: Møllegade 23a kld, 2200 N, KBH DK
Reception: Sept 16, 16 – 19 and Oct 23, 16-19


After a period of lockdown and global uncertainty, Red Door reopens its doors to exhibitions and guests in hopeful joy by presenting THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY, featuring the latest works by Costa Rican-Danish artist Pablo Saborío.
After a period of unrest, isolation and existential uncertainty, Saborío wrestled with the darkness of his mind to create new works that explore the potency of color as a means of achieving catharsis – the purification of emotions through art, which culminated in a sense of renewal.
The works exhibited feature pulsating fields of dynamic frenzy while simultaneously (and paradoxically) being in a state of composure. Saborío utilizes different mediums such as paper pulp, ink, acrylics, and wood on acrylic glass to create stunning effects.
Elemental Strife
These are some of Saborío’s ‘last paintings’ before he transitioned toward video poetics, a merging of experimental video art and poetic discourse.
THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY will also feature a display of many of Saborío’s video productions.
Beer, wine and refreshments will be served for the opening.
From his previous exhibition and article as a featured artist of Red Door Magazine, we wrote “There is something deeply enchanting in the work of Pablo Saborío, in the rhythmical movements of color and darkness that spreads through each of his pieces as in a vision or dream state where one can find that timeless moment of reflection and healing needed in moments of confusion and despair”. Read the article and see more of his work here.
Red and Trembling
Pablo Saborío is a Costa Rica-born artist and poet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will be his 5th solo exhibition in Denmark since 2015 and his second solo exhibition at Red Door Gallery, after RETURN TO SOURCE (2016).
Pablo Saborío will be on attendance during the opening of his show, as well as by appointment for interested parties.
Red Door is open without guest restrictions, but we encourage you to test prior to attending and follow the health department’s guidelines prior and during your visit. Please contact the gallery if you have any questions.
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Art Exhibition by Rita Howis
Oct 29 – Nov 23
Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen & Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
Red Door has the pleasure of welcoming internationally renowned artist Rita Howis and her latest project, Colors for Climate, to a dual exhibition created in collaboration with Kulturhuset Islands Brygge as part of the upcoming Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival.
The show will be on exhibit at Red Door from Oct 29 to Nov 23 and a selection of this series will be on exhibit at Kulturhuset Island Brygge’s BIOkuben, from Oct 1st to Nov 30. Receptions for the exhibition will take place on October 29 from 16 to 20 at Red Door Gallery and on November 21st at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

In the words of the artist:

My name is Rita Howis and I am a creative rebel and an artist by heart with a background in architecture and design. Originally from Russia, I have lived in 7 countries all across the world from the U.S. to China and currently settled in Denmark. After taking in the Scandinavian lifestyle my inspiration has come to draw upon the Danish design philosophy of minimalism, functionalism and simplicity. My international experience across countries, people and professions has helped shape a contemporary global understanding of art and design, while building a strong conviction of sustainability demands in order to make the world a better place.
The strengths of my Colors for Climate project lie precisely at the intersection of my own self with a passion and purpose to portray People, Culture and Nature. My artwork is currently showcased across the world and I have collectors from every part of the planet. Coming from a multicultural background and equipped with all the necessary skills to make my artwork come alive and be seen, I am confident in my purpose of making a positive contribution to
the world though the language of art. One that can take the greatest and most abstract challenges of our time, such as wildlife conservation and climate change, and translate it into something personal and meaningful to every human being. My mission is to combat climate and compassion fatigue using art as the primary weapon.


Art Exhibition by Discarded.
December 04, 2021 – Jan 08, 2022
Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen
Red Door is honoured to invite you to Discarded’s show “And the weak suffer what they must?” taking place this December 9th.
The exhibition aims to capture the massive social transformation in Greece that has arisen from the recent economic environment. Changes have become particularly visible in the streets of Athens where the crisis has taken its toll on the population. Invisibility, waiting and numbness, lost hope, class contrast and the changing urban environment are central themes.
The artist, Discarded, creates laser etching pieces on cardboard based on her photography and documentation which inspires the series.
Being half Greek, much of the exhibition’s inspiration and raw material comes from visits to Athens.
The exhibition raises questions about future generations: asking not only where Greek society, but humankind as a whole is
heading and which ideals we want to guide the decisions that will shape this future.
Opening December 4th from kl.16 until kl.20
The exhibition will be on view until the 8th of January at Red Door:
Møllegade 23a kld, 2200 KBH N, DK


Tegninger af Nikolaj Jacobsen
Jan 28, 2022 kl. 16 – Red Door Gallery
(show available for viewing until Feb 13).
Engang var der en fyr som nikkede mig en 10-15 skaller på Wong’s Little Palace. Og engang gik jeg forkert og pissede i vasken i køkkenet, og så smed Wong mig ud. Det kommer alt sammen tilbage nu.
Nikolaj Jacobsen. KBH. 1971.