Opening event: September 23rd, 2023 4 – 8 pm
Closing event: September 30th, 2023 4 – 8 pm
View Point:
In Daniela Martin’s works the contrast between darkness and light is a constant, mirroring concepts like loss and hope, stagnation and movement, optimism and pessimism. Recently these extremes have become less dominant in her pieces but nonetheless are still palpable and a main aspect of this exhibition.
“View Point” presents paintings that play with the divergent positions of the observer and the observed. Some motifs show actual places, maybe touristic spots we might have visited. Others depict faces and eyes that gaze into nothingness or look directly at the viewer.
Daniela Martin invites to ask questions like: Am I the admirer, wanderer, spectator?
Who or what do I encounter? Do I want to be alone and – more importantly – if so, can I?
The exhibition can be seen from September 23rd until October 3rd
Opening event: September 23rd, 4 – 8 pm
Closing event: September 30th, 4 – 8 pm
More about the artist on:


Red Door opens the doors to the pop-up exhibit and book presentation by Italian artist Ughetta Dalimonti.
Opening times:
Friday – Welcome drinks and book signing (plus prints) from 17 to 20
Saturday – Welcome drinks and book signing (plus prints) from 15 to 18.30
Since I was a child the desire to draw has never abandoned me, consequently the choice of art school in Italy, graphics post college, and then to London where between music, art, dancing, studying, assimilating various cultures and dealing with this eclectic city, it gave me the opportunity to cultivate my passion, looking for sources of inspiration, to make myself known and exhibited.
I have participated in various exhibitions, of highlight The Bloomsbury art fest, and various art projects.
After almost twenty years I moved to Copenhagen where I actually live, continuing with my creative path, I decided to publish my first book, thus creating a project that had inspired me for some time:
combining drawing with words.
My favourite media are watercolor, gouache, pens and after a recent course I started a new series of paintings related to my book with the “ink flow” technique.
One of the subjects that I love most to paint is the figure, I have developed my own style, where the subjects are abstract.
Immersed in the magical shades of the night:
moonlight, twilight, candlelight, a dark night, the light of a lamp.
My sources of inspiration are music, reading, dance, and finally the most profound personal experiences.
I have developed a style where figures and images inhabit hidden places or dreams, compositions that create an inner narrative and give a springboard to one’s stories and emotions.
The book is one of my latest projects, the realisation of a dream I had since long, uniting my paintings with my words, the two elements inspiring each other, and inciting the reader/viewer emotions.
I carefully created the images, evocative of stories, memories, inner journeys. The words have been chosen with a lot of care to complete the power of the page, the intention is to touch the
deep of the heart, to sparks the viewer feelings.
I wrote by hand on transparent paper over the paintings, and then by computer over imposed the two, ready to be processed for the printing.
Every single detail, from the painting, combinations of text/images, choice of words, has been cared with a lot of mindfulness and love.
Learn more:


Zara Asgher and Laura Hasanen are visual artists and art educators based in Helsinki, Finland. Their practice stems from the need for a dialogue that reflects on the themes of gender and sexuality through a queer and feminist lens. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, their collective practice forms a common platform to explore how identities and subjectivities are shaped within dominant structures. The artists’ individual and collective processes of embodied investigation span across video, sound, painting, and sculpture.
Of flesh and edges explores how language can shape bodies. Assigning language to a body has the ability to impress upon it and mold it into particular shapes, making its surface a site of adherence. These works look into the process of (dis)identification through which the body distances itself from the language and categorization that has been assigned to it. This process allows a space for negotiating the ways in which language becomes embodied. The artists will be looking at (dis)identification through the lens of gender and sexuality.


Straight from Gothenburg and taking over our gallery this August: KARL LARSSON is an artist who works with interaction through recordings, primarily with the camera. His art is based on investigations of us humans, how we affect and are affected in different ways. A form of extreme curiosity where his political and philosophical musings are displayed in different ways with the help of a humorous undertone.
More information:
The PUUT LIBRARY is an ongoing work of art by Karl Larsson, which is based on the project “Miljonprogrammet” which has been ongoing since 2003 and where Larsson, with the help of the
camera, has created an ever-expanding photographic archive with over two million images. Based on this material, Larsson continuously makes his own publications – sometimes also in collaborative form – based on a do-it-yourself tradition.
These books form the basis of the PUUT library today.
A core of the library system is dialogue, as the whole idea rests on a structure of exchange. Based on this premise, the PUUT library explores art and aesthetics in a greater desire to make culture
accessible. Because in times when collective culture is under attack, the library becomes an act of resistance – a place of contemplation, where everyone is given a place to be through collective ownership.
More information:
The exhibition will show artists books from the library, printed images from the project Miljonprogrammet. During the exhibition you will have the possibility to get your own library card to make loans from the library.


Med Sequential Condition introducerer Martin Andersen en mere eksperimenterende stil i en række illustrative udgivelser i Red Door Magazine.
Udstillingen, Sequential Condition, skildrer menneskets mangel på kontrol, dybere mere melankolske tanker og forskellige tilstande at befinde sig i. Her præsenteres både tegninger, foto og videokunst. Fra velovervejede detaljeorienterede grafiske udtryk til fantasifulde krussedulletegninger over fremkaldte erindringer, huskesedler og andre mere abstrakte udtryk.
Red Door Gallery
Møllegade 23 a kld
2200 KBH N
14. Juli
kl. 16 – 20
Udstillingen uge 29: Mandag – Fredag
With Sequential Condition, Martin Andersen introduces a more experimental style in a series of illustrative publications in Red Door Magazine.
The exhibition, Sequential Condition, depicts the human lack of control, deeper melancholic thoughts and different states of being. It features drawings, photography and video art. From well-considered detail-oriented graphic expressions to imaginative doodle drawings to evoked memories, mementos and other more abstract expressions.


Hear, hear! The sun has arrived and with it, a new round of exciting art exhibitions and events for our gallery.
We’re happy to welcome you to Vilma Leino’s photography series, a collection of self portraits that are colorful, deep, nostalgic and trippy all at once, just the way we like it, filling up our walls with dreamy imagery.
Come out, come out, wherever you are, and have a welcome drink while you admire this beautiful display of artistic expressions.
Opening days:
June 23, 2023 from kl.16
June 24, 2023 from kl.15
The artist will be present. The show will remain until July 1st.
Artist Statement:
I feel the most free version of myself when I am alone in a room with a camera. Creating self-portraits makes me feel liberated and is a way for me to understand the world, myself and everything surrounding me. It is a way to explore, play, have fun and as well it is a way for me to hide, isolate and be alone with my thoughts and feelings. When I’m creating my artwork, the camera is an ally who doesn’t judge. It gives me space to get to know myself through art and experiment with my body, mind and emotions. In my work, I use bright colors to visualize the experiences that aren’t describable with words. To clear the mixed thread between strong and mellow, to create clarity to chaotic. I mix quirky details with pastel shades, to create an atmosphere where comedy and horror are welcome to meet each other and tell an untold story that gives the viewer many possible endings. My portraits are stories from inside the household, where daily life turns peculiar and the person we are is in the main spotlight as the one we should learn to love and take care of.
Vilma Leino is a Finnish born, Berlin based photographer. She was born in 1999 and has been using photography as a medium since 2015. Her work focuses on self-portraiture, which she uses to reflect inner emotions, solitude, memories and personal experiences. In her work, she creates female characters with untold stories and experiments with strong color schemes, composition and human body. The photographs often balance between beauty and horror, and she uses humor as an aspect to lighten up darker subjects. Her photographs are a one-woman show, where being in control and the fear of losing it are in constant dialogue, forming a story about personal growth, where fears are forming into strength.


Red Door is honored to welcome Monica Hee Eun’s exhibition of new work to Red Door Gallery, thanks to the support of Nørrebros Lokaludvalg.
Join us for the opening event and enjoy a glass or two with us while your own daemons find themselves in the reflections of her work. (Daemons must be kept on leashes at all times). Free event.
The concept and our beliefs in demons, is as old as our own fear of the unknow. Most commonly known as evil, possessive and harmful in their intention, thriving of our fears, disabling or triggering us, by exploiting our own insecurities.
In ancient near eastern religions, the abrahamic religions, incl. Early judaism and ancient-medieval christian demonology, the demon is very much considered dangerous and destructive. Although, in the ancient greeks’ view, the demon, originally: daimon (δαίμων), was not considered evil or malicious, but was serving more as a guide and a mentor. A powerful, divine spirit, that could warn as well as inspire us.
In modern day, demons are still ‘around’. The popular notion of inner demons has become a normalised term, simply describing or referring to our inner struggles.
Either how each of us interpret the concept or symbolic meaning of demons, they have been with us throughout our history and tells us much about ourselves, both on a sociocultural level as well as on a personal.
I present my personal interpretation of dai/emons as ambiguous entities, merging the vicious seductive possessor with the guiding divine spirit.


We never said that – a conversation
is a selection of letters written as part of the writing workshop
by Andreas Liebmann
with the participation of Nana Anine, Tam Vibberstoft, Sonja Ferdinand, Elizabeth Torres, written in Aarhus at the Danish School of Performing Arts during the fall of 2022, and published in Copenhagen, Denmark by RED PRESS, with the support of DDSKS.
Come listen to the writers share fragments of the book, hear Andreas Liebmann talk about the process of this project and what led to a workshop of letter writing, get your copy and celebrate with us with a glass of something sparkly.
Free event – doors open at 16
Møllegade 23a kld 2200 N
—–ABOUT —–
We never said that
Book release by Nana Anine, Tam Vibberstoft, Sonja Ferdinand, Elizabeth Torres and Andreas Liebmann.
We never said is a written dialogue about the position of a writer in the world. It is a poetic, critical and open common reflection of four writers, adressing each other, questioning each other and themselves. What role plays the body of a writer in writing? Who are you as a writer – and who are you not? How can writers be solidary, when writing in solitude? How to weave a fabric of common thinking, allowing differences, divergencies, singularities?
We never said is an exercise, a bricolage, an attempt to locate ones position as a writer in a drifting world.
The book was made in the frame of a of a workshop in MA Writing / Den Danske Scenekunstskole, Aarhus, hosted by Andreas Liebmann.


RED DOOR is delighted to celebrate the arrival of a new zine publication in our city… everybody, meet QREA!!!:
Join us for the launch for the first issue of QREA zine. We are a Copenhagen-based, literary zine, and for this first issue, we take a look at the city. We will celebrate our zine launch at the Red Door
Gallery, with readings from the zine itself as well as an open mic, refreshments, and zines for sale!
Copenhagen can be many things. It’s bike rides, eating rye bread, drinking beer in -5 like it’s the southof France. It’s bartering at the bazaar, or lamenting the lack of foundation shades. It’s feeling lonely when strangers can’t pronounce your name, or feeling stupid when you can’t pronounce your street name. It’s risking your financial security – be it on a housing deposit or on that really good coat from Vera’s market. It’s sunbathing naked, jumping in the canal, feeling free!
Our first issue features work by:
Antonia Popescu
Phoebe McGowan
Asta D.
Erica Engdahl
Mariano Sullis
Mia Tuxen
Claudia Comyn
Heather Watkins
Iskra Dinkova
Anuhita Basavaraju
We will be celebrating at Red Door Gallery from 17:00 on Wednesday 26th April. Free entry, drinks and snacks complimentary, QREA zine on sale for 55kr 🙂 We look forward to welcoming you!


The Perfect Binding Bookfair aims to cultivate a sense of community and dialog within the independent literary and book craft communities in Nordic countries and overseas, to establish a new synergy in the wake of recent setbacks like the Covid-19 and Brexit situations that created barriers leaving individuals and groups in this milieu more isolated. The project aims to connect and grow this community and inspire new collaborations and creations, to explore the possibilities for further projects and provide mutual support.
We invite all book collectors, book publishers, literary fiends, authors, book makers and others in the outsiders book community, as well as book lovers of course, to join us for a weekend of, first and foremost, sharing our books, selling and collecting, talking about, listening to, and being part of, the universe of books that is outside of the commercial and generic.
There will be poetry readings and book releases accompanying the book fair, and the program will be complimented with a series of film screenings and talks at Husets Biograf after each evening.
The bookfair AND screenings are free to attend to.
-Kultivera (SE)
-Magnus Rehn Forlag (SE)
-Litteraturcentrum KVU (SE)
-Ellerströms Musik og Tekst (SE)
-Rönnells Editions (SE)
-PUUT – Publicering & Utlåning (Publishing and Loans) (SE)
-Husets Biograf (DK)
-Cappelens Forslag (NO)
-Red Press (DK)
-Storrs Antikvariat (DK)
-Kirjan Talo / Bokens Hus (FI)
-Poesiens Hus (DK)
-Book Lab (DK)
-Lars Movin (DK)
-Supertime (DK)
-Claus Høxbroe (DK)
…and more!
Read more:
Bookfair 12 – 18
Lazlo Taboli Kollektivet kl.15 – 15.15
Kultivera presents kl. 15. 20 – 15.50
Poesienshus presents kl. 16 – 16.20
19.00 = Martha Colburn short films
19.30 = BREAK
20.00 = SPEAKER: Pil Cappelen, Norway
20.30 = SPEAKER: Ana Stanicevic, Iceland
21.00 = SPEAKER:
Bookfair 12 -18
Poesienshus presents kl. 15 – 15.20
Red Thread presents: kl. 15.30 – 16
Open mic: 16.30 – 17
18.30 = WORLDTHREADING – Poetic Disobedience.
19.30 = SPEAKER: Jonas Ellerström, Sweden
20.15 = BREAK


Let’s Rock is the first publication by Danish artist Nikolaj Jacobsen, who uses fragments of memories from the parties, concerts and punk scene of Copenhagen, and colorfully illustrates them into polaroid-like pieces that capture these futile scenes and take us on a night out.
Come get your signed copy and celebrate with us!
Limited edition art book
printed in Copenhagen by Red Press, 2023




A brooding sense of ”is this really it?” permeates life in the present post-truth ”situation” we live in. The question underlines the fact that we seem to be ignoring the unmistakeable distress signals as humanity hurtles itself closer and closer to the crushing singularity of PROGRESS.
In an age where journalism is turning into satire and democracy into a commodity, you have to fight back with what you have.
Taking inspiration from classic board games of yesterday, Game of Broccoli presents assorted content as game cards for an imaginary board game where time is running out and sides have to be taken.
The different “cards” illustrate ideas, sentiments, and statements relating to the current state of affairs, culturally, politically, and economically. Like a mash-up of propaganda poster, internet meme, DIY zine, and infographic, the GOB ”cards” outline a humorous but nonetheless heartfelt questioning of the material hedonism that is being promoted as “freedom” and “happiness” in the humid dusk of late capitalism.
Morten Brohammer works with existing images, illustrations, and figurative elements that demand attention and appeal to further processing. During the process, the source material is disseminated, manipulated, and moved around. The subjects are put into new interrelations where dogmas and hierarchical elements dissolve. This is done through cut-up, improvisation, and by continuously adding and removing components, as well as including errors and chance, as valid visual principles.
+ + +
“You, your families, your friends and your countries are to be exterminated by the common decision of a few brutal but powerful men.
To please these men, all the private affections, all the public hopes, all that has been achieved in art, and knowledge and thought and all that might be achieved hereafter is to be wiped out forever.
Our ruined lifeless planet will continue for countless ages to circle aimlessly round the sun unredeemed by the joys and loves, the occasional wisdom and the power to create beauty which have given value to human life.”
(From a 1961 leaflet issued by Bertrand Russell while he was in Brixton Prison
after taking part in an anti-nuclear peace rally in London).


Winter Notes is a collaborative exhibition between Korana Jelača and Danni Storm.
The exhibition is centered around the number eight through eight anagrammed poems, made by eight letter words and a sixteen minute long composition playing in a loop from eight speakers in the gallery. Winter Notes is a reflection on the relationship between order and chaos, rules and no rules.


The 2nd edition of “Nature & Culture: International Poetry Film Festival” takes place this November 20 at Husets Biograf in Copenhagen. A classic independent cinema that is a poem in itself. Seating is limited so here’s your chance to reserve your spot. Tickets available at:…/nature-culture-film-festival…
For those overseas, the digital version of the festival will take place from November 20 to the 30th. More details at
This festival received over 500 films from all over the world, and the selection will include poetry films, short films, documentaries, experimental and animations from many countries and of various languages, with English subtitles and with a rich poetic language as a connecting thread and our love and respect for nature and our environment as the main theme.
There will be a live poetry reading and talks by the directors. This is an initiative by the Poetic Phonotheque, coordinated by Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen, with the support of Husets Biograf in Denmark and Kultivera in Tranås, Sweden.


If we don’t take a step forward, we are always going to be standing in the same exact place. Our journey is comprised of small steps and what we patch together. There is no path, we make it by walking.
Inspired by the aesthetics and the technology of analog synthesizers the paintings explore the landscapes of colourful wires and nobs wherein the endless possible patches and paths exist.
Karsten Garner is an artist and musician living in Hvalsø, Zeeland.
The music and art are tightly knit together in the paintings as the exploration of colours and lines link to the proces of improvisation in music. In this sense, the title of the show fits in perfectly as the paths are being laid by playing/painting. The paintings are colourful, vivid, expressive compositions displaying a confined space – an indoor landscape.
Karsten Garner has had two previous show at Red Door. He is featured in the book ‘101 Kunstnere – 10 års jubilæum’ and has had numerous exhibitions in and around Copenhagen.
He has played the drums in a variety of genres including bands such as: SPEkTR, WhoAreYouPeople, Umti Orkestar, Urhav, AutomatAutomat, She Talks, The Calamari Dancer a.o.



Red Door Gallery is delighted to welcome Kirsten Reynolds, this time with the show: Surface Tensions
Visionary landscapes and apocalyptic abstracts: paintings, light drawings and prints from Denmark, Bulgaria, Tanzania and New Zealand.
Opening Sept 09 from kl.14-20
Last viewing on Sept 18 until kl.20
The artist will be present.
Welcome drinks will be served.
Looking forward to seeing you. More details on this exhibition below:
Surface Tensions
Kirsten Reynolds is a British artist based in the UK and Bulgaria. She exhibits internationally and takes working outdoors in the landscape as a starting point for studio-based painting. An ongoing series of long-exposure light drawing photographs explores the mysterious ambience of the natural world after dark.
The new show Surface Tensions presents a series of paintings on the border of landscape and abstraction that use the materiality and liquidity of paint to convey a sense of space and disrupted atmosphere. Appearing to capture a specific moment of dynamic action, the paintings are created in successive layers of rich colour and build to viscerally intense images suggesting apocalyptically sensual landscapes.
‘The photographs she takes record her explorations of place and time through drawing. She weaves skeins of light before the lens, sometimes white, sometimes coloured. Her trajectory leaves traces whose shapes shift from transparent, through opaque, to sinuous, web-fine lines with the tensile strength of steel. Sometimes the landscape is barely discernible, just a dense tactile space, at other times the forms drift over recognisable terrain like mist that is impossibly articulated, or a bolt of fine silk, each fold of which is impossibly crystalline, or a transparent titanium sculpture. They look like an extraordinary natural event: the aurora borealis, or freak electrical activity.’
‘Reynolds conveys in paint what is happening in the photographs: a sense of process in which the outcome is not defined beforehand. Some are like the essence of landscape, where form is minimal. Others though, look like a further stage of dissolution. They don’t express an aggressive sense of destruction, but are gorgeously, sensually molten and cataclysmic with shreds of landscape whose shape eludes you on close examination.’
Extracts are from:
The Elegance of the Maverick.
Simone Witney, 2017
After playing drums and bass in legendary noise band Headbutt, Reynolds went on to form avant-garde sonic experimentation group Project Dark who create limited edition 7-inch singles from diverse materials such as human hair, circular saws, glass and biscuit. Exhibitions and live performances examining the relationship between the physical / visual substance and the related sonic possibilities of these discs have been presented at events from the inside the anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York to the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London as part of John Peel’s Meltdown ’98.
Reynolds has exhibited worldwide from the Hayward Gallery in London for Sonic Boom; The Art of Sound, the first international exhibition of Sound Art, to the Hong Kong Arts Festival with Power Plant, in which five artists present over thirty site-specific sound and light installations in Botanic Gardens. Power Plant has won critical acclaim at major arts festivals around the world and was a key event at the Auckland Arts Festival, New Zealand in 2017.
Artist Richard Wilson says of Reynolds’ work:
‘This is not ephemeral art, this is light, action and location all suspended in time as a gestural moment of magic.’



There are subtle, gentle moments that have occurred since the creation of Red Door Gallery, that give signs of the work and purpose of Red Door. Then there are moments sudden and sharp as knives, that give a chill down one’s spine and serve as clear reasons of why Red Doormust continue opening its doors and providing a space for our communities to gather, communicate, share, open up.

Dominic Williams, poet, cultural organizer and curator of events, arrived a couple months ago to a Red Thread meeting at the gallery, bringing in his bag an entire exhibition directly from Wales, and once he showed it to those of us in the room, we understood its importance. Now it’s time for you to see it:
Dinahvagina has created a compelling, in-your-face, chilling yet incredibly artistic body of work on the subject of domestic violence, spousal abuse and femicide, using both statistics from the UK and intimate descriptions of the lives of the women lost as a result of these attacks.
It is a show that both sobers up and serves as a reminder of this reality living among us every day.
Please join us at Red Door to honor the memory of the women who inspired this art, to celebrate all who have survived to share their stories, and of course to admire the courage and talent of Dinavagina and the strength of her work.
p.s: If you’ve lost someone you loved to the circumstances mentioned above and you’d like to honor their memory, you are invited to bring their photo so we can put it in the little altar here at the gallery, and then send back to the artist in hope that these photos, too, can come to life in new art.

About the artist:
Dinahvagina, is an artist living and working in Wales.
She makes very diverse range of work inspired by the lives and deaths of women using print, textiles, ceramics, paint and etc.
Often provocative and interactive, her pieces open space for considering and discussing everything from female sexual agency and pleasure to domestic murder, with the aim of raising the bar for women and increasing expectations for opportunity, ability, pleasure and choice.
Learn more by visiting:
There will be official reception days on August 12 and August 19
and on other days you can write to to schedule a viewing.



If I didn’t know how to laugh I probably wouldn’t be on this planet anymore 😃
I started playing with mud and with my life “for reals” for more than 3,5 years now.
Ceramics is the first art technique that calms me down almost completely. Love from the first sight, definitely. I can touch it however I want and the clay will give me an instant response. It became my friend, embraced me. It forgives me almost everything. It helps me with my constant process to become a more loving person. Teaches me that I need to let go. That micromanaging takes away the playfulness. That things break and that’s it – you can move on and start over again on something new that could potentially blow your mind even more than what you intended to do in the first place. I fell in love and I want to share it with you, whoever you are.
I want to share some scrapes from my past, all my little stories from here and there, because I had a lit on me for way too long.
I moved a lot from one place to another looking for a spot that I could finally call “my home”. Wherever I stayed I needed to create a visually appealing space around me, which would help me with remembering that there is more to life than my nightmares. At the same time that same space would trick me though. It would feel “safe”, sweet and cozy, but its pink power would also make it harder for me to go out to others, face my problems and reach out for help that I needed so urgently. I could stare for hours at the things in my room. I felt like I was drowning in my toxic, colorful comfort zone. Where I’m alone with all my demons and my personal hell is crawling on me, screaming to my ears while I’m hanging flower curtains on my window. Waiting and waiting for someone to save me.
Struggling with my mental illness, finding help along the way, getting to know my diagnosis and moving along with it without losing my head took most of my life. Now I’m at a point where I’m more “functional” as a human being and privileged enough to be able to do more than just to survive from one day to another.
Through my work I’m trying to figure out what role I can give to my past-psychotic, terrifying mind-bending life experiences. How much power did they have over me in the past? Where can I place them now? Can I dress them up with some funky, fluffy things? Can I paint their eyes without them hurting me? Can I make them laugh, can I befriend them and embrace them, so we can party all night? All of us having fun, is that cool?
The WAITING ROOM installation lasts until the 16th of July.
Late BLOOMER will say goodbye on the 1th of August.
I welcome you, whoever you are. Come and meet my old friends 😘
————————————————————————- 🙂
MYMAJO (she/they) – Constantly growing and kindly glowing pink epiphany. Visual artist based in Copenhagen. Works with ceramics, illustration, prints, digital manipulations, installations and from time to time with animation. Their future plans including making carpets, masks, jewellery, costumes and everything else that’s fun.
You can find them on instagram: @ohmymajo and @mymajo
and on tumbrl:


Brushstrokes that charge, caress and impact. A galloping of shadows on red corners. Movements that touch us like fertile impulses of rain.
Manifestations of city and moss, spilling themselves with the vertigo of an artist’s desire, while a tango plays in the background.
Returning to Copenhagen for a 2nd solo exhibition with Red Door Gallery, the Colombian/American artist and squatter of the Lower East Side of New York, Jose Osorio, brings a new series of paintings, created during the lockdown, as a reflection on the passing of time, and the open wounds that remain unhealed and unfilled through lifetimes in wait, in displacement, weathering war, hopelessness and disenchantment.
The opening takes place on June 18, from kl.16 to kl.20 and the artist will be present.
Free event.
Welcome drinks will be provided.
The exhibition is on display until June 24th and available for viewing by appointment only. Book your time by writing:


Currently on exhibit at Red Door Gallery, a selection of 15 works by British painter Alan Rankle, whose art explores social and environmental issues, encouraging moments of pensive appreciation towards nature through his landscape paintings.

Pastoral Collateral is an exhibition of original work by the artist, including his latest piece, Untitled-Rørvig (front page) made in 2022.
“I wanted to relate ideas about historical, idealised, pastoral landscape in art to the grim reality of the environmental crisis that we are in, which isn’t just
an environmental crisis anymore, it’s a totally impregnated social and political crisis heading towards disaster.”
The exhibition is available for viewing by appointment only, by writing to


American writer Michael Favala Goldman will read from his own poetry, and his new translations of Tove Ditlevsen’s poetry.
May 14 2022 at Red Door Gallery
American writer Michael Favala Goldman will read from his new translations and poems, including the just-released collection of Tove Ditlevsen’s short stories, The Trouble with Happiness and the New York Times Top 10 Book of 2021, The Copenhagen Trilogy, also by Ditlevsen.
At kl.16 we invite you for a welcome drink, in celebration of the simultaneous exhibition of Alan Rankle’s solo show “Pastoral Collateral”.
Michael Favala Goldman is a translator of Danish literature, an award-winning poet, educator, and jazz clarinetist. Over 130 of Michael’s translations and poems have appeared in periodicals such as The Harvard Review, The Los Angeles Review, and The New Yorker. He has translated 17 books of Danish poetry and prose, including Dependency, book three of The Copenhagen Trilogy by Tove Ditlevsen. His third book of poetry, Small Sovereign was awarded a Best Poetry Book of 2021. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, where he has been running bi-monthly poetry critique groups since 2018.
About The Trouble with Happiness:
“This quiet and devastating collection of vignettes from Ditlevsen . . . [reveals] all the simmering, explosive tensions found in marriage, family, and parenthood . . . The stories are simple; the characters ordinary and immensely human. Their motivations are mysterious and subtle, and Ditlevsen is acutely sensitive to the way normal life can wear at their hearts . . . Alongside this discomfort, though, is the opportunity for deep transformation. Already renowned for her memoirs, Ditlevsen is now poised to win acclaim as a master of short fiction.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review
About The Copenhagen Trilogy:
‘To get it out of the way: they are the best books I have read this year’ – John Self, New Statesman
‘Intense, elegant….Some of the most potent writing about addiction, rehab and relapse I’ve ever read…’ – Lucy Scholes, The Daily Telegraph
“an absolute tour de force”. – The Paris Review
‘To get it out of the way: they are the best books I have read this year’ – John Self, New Statesman
‘Intense, elegant….Some of the most potent writing about addiction, rehab and relapse I’ve ever read…’ – Lucy Scholes, The Daily Telegraph
“an absolute tour de force”. – The Paris Review
Get your tickets on Eventbrite!


Red Door Gallery is located at Møllegade 23 a kld, 2200 N, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Founded in 2009, Red Door is an Arts & Culture quarterly magazine, and a physical gallery in Nørrebro / pop-up events in Scandinavia.
Podcasts, publications, shows and events throughout the year on website:

Udstilling: Under brostenene findes paradis

Af Zarko Ivetic
18. Marts 2022
I samarbejde med Red Door Gallery og Nørrebro Lokaludvalg, holder jeg en lille udstilling om livet omkring Nørrebro Station.
“Under brostenene findes paradis”
Nørrebro Station har i årtier været udskældt for at være et usikkert sted at færdes og noget man bare helst hurtigt skulle passere.
Subsistensløse bænkevarmere, Roma gør-et-kup-brosten-marked og en mangfoldighed som kan skræmme de flest folk der ikke kender Nørrebro.
Men alt dette er noget, som jeg synes enhver storby fortjener – og Nørrebro Station emmer netop af at være en del af en metropol. Med dens høje placering og smukke interiør, tangere den til at være byens smukkeste “newyorker” station.
Derfor har jeg næsten hver mandag i et år, stået trofast med mit kamera og dokumenteret livet omkring stationen. Jeg har valgt at give mine billeder et strejf af magisk realisme, da jeg ønsker at vise hvordan jeg ser stedet – nemlig magisk!



February 11, 2022
Tegninger af Nikolaj Jacobsen.
Engang var der en fyr som nikkede mig en 10-15 skaller på Wong’s Little Palace. Og engang gik jeg forkert og pissede i vasken i køkkenet, og så smed Wong mig ud. Det kommer alt sammen tilbage nu.
Fredag d. 11.02.22. kl. 16.00-20.00.
Mandag og Tirsdag kl. 12.00-16.00.
Onsdag og torsdag kl. 12.00-17.00.
Lørdag kl. 13.00-16.00.
Udstillingen er åben fra Fredag d. 11.02.22 – lørdag d. 05.03.22.
Nikolaj Jacobsen. KBH. 1971.


Art Exhibition by Discarded.
December 04, 2021 – Jan 08, 2022
Red Door Gallery, Copenhagen
Red Door is honoured to invite you to Discarded’s show “And the weak suffer what they must?” taking place this December 4th.
The exhibition aims to capture the massive social transformation in Greece that has arisen from the recent economic environment. Changes have become particularly visible in the streets of Athens where the crisis has taken its toll on the population. Invisibility, waiting and numbness, lost hope, class contrast and the changing urban environment are central themes.
The artist, Discarded, creates laser etching pieces on cardboard based on her photography and documentation which inspires the series.
Being half Greek, much of the exhibition’s inspiration and raw material comes from visits to Athens.
The exhibition raises questions about future generations: asking not only where Greek society, but humankind as a whole is
heading and which ideals we want to guide the decisions that will shape this future.
Opening December 4th from kl.16 until kl.20
The exhibition will be on view until the 8th of January at Red Door:
Møllegade 23a kld, 2200 KBH N, DK
Appetizers and welcome drinks will be available for earlybirds.
Please bring your masks.



3324 Performance + Exhibition by Andreea Vlad

“Take a mirror, sit down in front of it and at midnight you will see your true self.”
-Romanian Tradition*.

Performance: March 25, 2021 for 24 hours

Exhibition: March 26-30th, 2021

Red Door is pleased to invite you to the performative exhibition by visual artist Andreea Vlad “3324”, a representation of a capsule in time belonging to a vast self-exploration, where self-portraiture as daily practice allows for the awareness of interior reality, psychological and emotional layers beneath the physical appearance.

On the occasion of her 33rd birthday, the artist will employ drawing as a method of self-discovery through an intense 24hr ritual of repetitive self-portrait creations and polaroids, pulling the unconscious to the surface to summon all her presences to appear on the paper.

“3324 is a visual representation of every hour of my 33rd birthday. The result is a series of 24 drawings exploring the physical and psychological appearance of my face accompanied by 24 photographs, to register the state of my emotional presence after each drawing.”
– Andreea Vlad.

In accommodating the gallery space to the current restrictions, the performance will take place within Red Door throughout 24 consecutive hours, with the windows of the gallery allowing for observation of the event from the outside of the space, connecting with the artist through the mirrors and reflections, turning the space into an incubator where the birthing of creative expressions occur.

Once the performance is over, from the 26th to the 30th of March, the gallery will open its doors to the viewing of this year’s exhibition, as well as of 3224, last year’s version of this same artistic concept.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Andreea Vlad is a visual artist who works with a multidisciplinary approach and an emphasis in portraiture, combining a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, and a dramatical use of lighting, going from fast gestural sketches to labor-intensive large-scale drawings.


*An old Romanian tradition says that on the night of the 24th of March, on Annunciation’s Eve at midnight, girls who had been fasting would kneel naked and dishevelled in a dark room, between two mirrors, holding a lit candle in each hand. Staring intensely in the mirror in front of her, the girl would see scenes from her future over her shoulder, reflected in the mirror behind her. Induced by a trance from a lack of sleep and repetitive actions, the mind takes over and the mirror offers images from present, to past, and into the future.
** Annunciation’s Day is celebrated by Christian tradition on the 25th of March as the day of the announcement by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

Starting time: 24.03.2021 23.59
Duration: 24 hrs
Location: Red Door, Møllegade 23a kld, Nørrebro
24 drawn self-portraits in various techniques, 1 every hour, and 1 polaroid per hr.
Key concepts: Drawing as self-inquiry. As exploration. As prayer. As exorcism. As ritual. As play.

Red Door pop-up show, July 12 – 13, 2019

Thorsgade 89, Nørrebro

Red Door is honored to welcome Kirsten Reynolds‘ show DARK AGES to Copenhagen, on the weekend of July 12-13, as a pop-up exhibition. Kirsten’s art is featured on the cover of our most recent publication of RED DOOR MAGAZINE, issue #20, THE FUTURE:

Kirsten Reynolds is an English artist whose current work uses photography, painting, printmaking and sound / light installation to re-interpret classical themes relating to landscape, nature and the environment. Preferring to work off the beaten track, Reynolds chooses significant locations to make nocturnal light drawings that capture dynamic traces of the artist’s movements in response to each specific landscape.

Whilst this technique has been much used over the years in science and the arts, Reynolds has developed a unique approach and her background in music and sound art makes her intuitive physical response to the chosen location both compelling and powerful.

DARK AGES is an exhibition that connects the latest creations by Reynolds to a previous exhibition under the same name exhibited in London.
The event will take place in Nørrebro and welcome drinks will be served. It’s free for all to come and join us, and there’ll be a bar accepting cash and mobilepay. If you’d like to learn more about the artist, please visit:
instagram: @reynolds_art
fb: Kirsten Reynolds
twitter: @Reynolds_Art

The Visitor

(El Visitante)
Red Door pop-up show, April 13, 2019

The Artist’s Studio – Colombia, 2018
Brushstrokes that charge, caress and impact. A galloping of shadows on red corners. Movements that touch us like fertile impulses of rain.
Manifestations of city and moss, spilling themselves with the vertigo of an artist’s desire, while a tango plays in the background. But that’s my interpretation.
What do you see in the art of Jose Osorio?
Stories sometimes interlace themselves through decades, all in the name of art. These passions, these visions, are the fruit of the cosmos that sustain us and lead us towards paths never imagined.
I know of a man whose work coils up and twirls like women’s figures, but still also feels like archives of the mind we only peek through.
He comes from the surrealist land of cloud-covered mountains and coffee that some of you only recall because of its ravaging and interminable social conflict, Colombia.
I, too, come from this land, but we know one another from a different reality.
You see, this man can tell you the stories of New York that the city itself now begins to forget; of the endless nights of winter in the squatted buildings of the Lower East Side. He can tell you of the camaraderie that consumed us all and filled our days with poetry, absinthe, tobacco and bohemia. Through decades of this existence, Jose Osorio dedicated himself to pouring his visions on the canvas. Charcoal, oil, watercolor and pastel as his main instruments.

This man will tell you he’s got nothing to teach you, because that’s not his purpose.

Instead, he will welcomingly show you the result of his efforts. The conversations with the canvas. The precise miscalculations and dances of lovers, as interpreted in his paintings.
I do not want to write much more about him, because art is not to be explained, but witnessed. Testified. Experienced. And so, my only way to truly share with you the admiration and delight that connects me to his work, as well as the comradeship that unites us through continents, is to invite him here, to Copenhagen…
and to invite you to be a part of this encounter
Shall we?
Elizabeth Torres
Red Door Gallery & Magazine
Save the date: April 13, 2019, kl.14 – 21
(open to the public, free event)
Red Door pop-up exhibition
click here for the facebook event
Location: Thorsgade 89, Nørrebro, KBH kl.14 – 21
Welcome drinks will be served to the early birds.
Bar will accept cash and mobilepay.
Live performance of Icelandic Blues by musician ET Tumason,
to complete an excellent evening.

Studio visit, Colombia 2018