Each year in Copenhagen, lovers of film and poetry gather to celebrate Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival, organized by Red Door’s Poetic Phonotheque (An international archive of multimedia poetry hosted by Red Door).

The festival received approx. 600 films each year, from documentaries to short films, experimental, animation and even music films, all focused in the poetic language of their work, and with an interest in the environmental messages or works that highlight our connection with the world around us.

Additionally, the festival hosts poetry performances, talks and panels, and often releases a limited edition poster, bookmarks, books and other environmentally-friendly, locally printed, recycled and recyclable objects to inspire you and invite you to take poetry with you wherever you go.

The festival accepts sponsors and collaborators, so if this is of your interest, please write to poetiskefonotek@gmail.com

To learn more, please visit: http://www.poeticphonotheque.com


Nature n Culture – Poetry Film Festival