Our team:

Elizabeth Torres, Director
Elizabeth Torres Bogotá, Colombia, 1987. Poet and multi-media artist.
Director of Red Door Magazine since 2009, co-director of the Neverstop project, music alter-ego: Eyelids Burn. Learn more at:



Mario Z. Puglisi – México Correspondent
Mario Puglisi (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 1980), poet and independent editor. Founder and director of the cultural magazine Meretrices in Mexico. He has work published in over twenty magazines in Mexico and Latin America. His work is included in a dozen of poetry anthologies. Mario Z. Puglisi has participated in international festivals of poetry in Mexico and Peru. He is the author of the books: Dos Triunfos y un Poema de Amor (Colectivo Cultural La Cueva, 2008) and El Impulso de Tocarlo Todo (Ediciones El Viaje, 2009).mzpuglisi@reddoornyc.com http://mariozpuglisi.blogspot.com

Tanya Cosio – Mexico Correspondent
Tanya Cosío. Se dedica a escribir, actuar, y a la promoción y difusión de la lectura. Estudió en la Escuela Rusa de Actuación en México, en la Escuela del Realismo Sicológico y en la Escuela de Escritores. Ha participado en talleres y seminarios teatrales, literarios y de actuación para cine. Ha publicado dos
plaquettes y cuatro libros de poesía y una obra de teatro. Algunos de sus poemas han sido antologados en Perú, Estados Unidos, España y México. Perteneció a la Compañía de Teatro del Realismo Sicológico y a la Compañía El ojo lleno de dientes. Ha participado con grupos de teatro de Guadalajara, Chiapas y de la Ciudad de México. Ha impartido talleres de teatro y creación literaria en diversas ciudades. Es cofundadora de la Compañía de teatro La Escena Muda a la cual pertenece actualmente.

Melaine Knight ~ The Neon Rebel ~ Australia Correspondent
International Rock’n’Roll Undie Washer. Soothsayer. Velvet Lover. Pony.
Guitar slinger + harmony maker of The Electric Set.



David Vanegas, co-founder: Singer, guitarist and songwriter. Co-founder of Red Door Magazine: Author of the Confessions of a noise fiend segment- music reviews, band interviews, and everything noise related. Bat. Mental explorer. Bassist sometimes. Bad drummer some other times. Percussionist and charlatan when drunk. Wizard. Shaman. Love fiend. Human being by default. Entity of the long, long night.

*Note: Dave is currently taking a break from Red Door activities, but you can write to him at: laelite1@gmail.com for all noise related issues.

Carolina Olguin Nació en 1978, en Monterrey, N.L, México. Escribe poesía, edita libros y textos para revistas de manera independiente, coordina círculos de lectura, es profesora de español para extranjeros en Grow in Spanish, su negocio propio, e imparte cursos de redacción. Estudió Letras Españolas y Educación en la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. Colabora con el colectivo La Poesía en la difusión de poesía.


Lars Rosenblum Sorgenfrei, Music Reviews: is a global nomad currently based in Denmark.  He is the mainstay of the band sfu·ma·to and has self-published several collections of poetry.


Mónica González Velázquez , Mexico – Correspondent: (Ciudad de México, 1973). Poeta, artista gráfica, editora y promotora literaria. Estudió Diseño Gráfico en La Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (UNAM). Cursó talleres de creación literaria en La Escuela de la Sociedad General de Escritores de México (SOGEM). Ha publicado los poemarios: Tríptico de desamorLa luz y las sombras altasPoesía ReunidaLas cosas últimasGran malGlory box con reedición en Guayaquil, Ecuador; Las eternas rutas y Le mystère de la vulgaire mondes o mejor dicho El misterio de los mundos vulgares. También ha sido incluida en diversas antologías poéticas en México, España y Argentina. En el año de 2010 fue becada por la Agencia de Cooperación Internacional Española en el área de Literatura y obtuvo mención honorífica en los concursos anuales de poesía en Badajoz y en Alicante, España. Es directora de miCielo ediciones, un proyecto especializado en la publicación de poesía en formato de Libro-Objeto. La retrospectiva de su producción de Libros-Objeto, se expusó en la Galería de Diseño Ada Dewes de la División de Arte y Diseño de la UAM-Xochimilco, durante el mes de junio de 2013.

Brandon Davis


Ian Hartley: Consultant. Strategist. Designer, Nightclubs. Entertainment industry. Popular cultural theorist and analyst. Writer, Journalist.

Robert Butcher

Tiffany Sumner





The easy answer would be, we’re an art magazine. OR AN ART BLOG, depending on who you ask.  But then again,  nothing’s easy when it comes to art, and we’re not really just a magazine. (or a blog, depending on who you fkin ask). We’re world threaders in the sense that this is just a bridge for you to connect with fellow artists… we do not censor content and most of the time eagerly welcome contributions. The only thing we reject is content that offends what we believe in: equality, freedom of speech, rebellion, conscience and awareness. So don’t be a tight-ass and we’ll be happy to publish you.

Now, we know there’s plenty of art magazines out there, and we’re not trying to be competition. Yes, we’ll write editorials, reviews, critiques, etc… but don’t bully us. We’re doing our best to keep up with the storm. If you’re looking for stardom, keep sending those e-mails to other mags as well.

We’re very open to new correspondents, new content, images, music, video, volunteers, donations, food, shelter, events, good times, etc. e-mail us. We don’t bite.


The initiative was created as an independent door to connect the community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field. To allow each and everyone of you to become the protagonists and the creators of opportunities, threading waters between New York and the world, in a timeless manner. Our goal? Rebuilding present. Leaving a footprint in the city and causing reactions. Wake up. It is time to exist.


Reaffirm your origins, be proud of your culture, of your talent, of your fears, doubts, and emotions. Share them. Urban intervention, poetry in everything we see and do, no dress code. The proposal of RDNY has been created as an approach of interaction. Information and rebirth through culture and technology, in each page, in each segment. Take this space as an invitation to step out of the box, break the format and the royal run around, and take some action. Show us what you’re made of, how your life is changing others, give everyone a chance to come in and be a part of your projects, your dreams, your story. The time has come to quit complaining about the big charade of past-due concepts, useless policies, traditions, formality, square fairy-tales. Throw them out the window and walk inside the red door. Undress code exposed.


Give us raw, fresh, clean, simple truth. Question identity. Intrepid Self Expression. Reinvention. Rebellion. Recklessness. Conscience. Visual Eloquence. (and all that good stuff). All we ask for is to finally see art frolicking with reality. We exist.


Elizabeth Torres.