The initiative was created in New York in 2009 as an independent door to connect the community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field. To allow each and everyone of you to become the protagonists and the creators of opportunities, threading waters between New York and the world, in a timeless manner. Our goal? Rebuilding present. Leaving a footprint in the city and causing reactions.

Ten years later, this goal remains as relevant as ever, and our reach extends to various continents, with correspondents in Australia, Latin America, the US and Europe, with Copenhagen as the new base of Red Door Magazine, Red Door Gallery, the Poetic Phonotheque and the Red Transmissions Podcast, all projects by the same network of creators and led by Madam Neverstop.


Reaffirm your origins, be proud of your culture, of your talent, of your fears, doubts, and emotions. Share them. Urban intervention, poetry in everything we see and do, no dress code. The proposal of Red Door was created as an approach of interaction and continues to be precisely that: a network of like-minded individuals and the possibility of new collaborations together. Information and rebirth through culture and technology, in each page, in each segment.

Take this space as an invitation to step out of the box, break the format and the royal run around, and be part of the action. Show us what you’re made of, how your life is changing others, give everyone a chance to come in and be a part of your projects, your dreams, your story.


Give us raw, fresh, clean, simple truth. Question identity. Intrepid Self Expression. Reinvention. Rebellion. Recklessness. Conscience. Visual Eloquence. (and all that good stuff).

We welcome poetry, visual art, essays, music and film reviews, activist interviews and project narrations, as well as documentation of other multimedia and culture projects making a difference or leaving a mark in the community you are a part of. If what you read here resonates with what you do, then let us know about your projects and work.

All we ask for is to finally see art frolicking with reality. We exist.


We do this in two ways:

-With a gallery located in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Exhibitions, performances, workshops and conspiring of projects, take place in our Danish headquarters. We are reopening soon and will post more about this in the coming weeks.

-With a magazine: Originally created in 2009 in a vanishing New York that was also very sci-fi and where the environment was inspiring to create alternative spaces for our voices and projects to be heard without censorship. Well, we don’t need to tell you the whys, as the news clearly show it… so, here we are, in the future, with open arms welcoming your content.

That’s the main info you were looking for. Right?
If you have other inquiries, please write to: info@reddoorkbh.dk