Red Door Magazine is a quarterly Arts & Culture publication meant to document the work of creators everywhere, as well as facilitate new conversations on important matters for our communities in a local and international way, through the linking of themes, collaborations, interviews and hybrid events that can expand the reach of independent voices and remarkable projects.


The Story:

The initiative was created in New York in 2009 as an independent door to connect the community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field. To allow each and everyone of you to become the protagonists and the creators of opportunities, threading waters between New York and the world, in a timeless manner. Our goal? Rebuilding present. Leaving a footprint in the city and causing reactions.

Ten years later, this goal remains as relevant as ever, and our reach extends to various continents, with correspondents in Australia, Latin America, the US and Europe, with Copenhagen as the new base of Red Door Magazine, Red Door Gallery, the Poetic Phonotheque and the Red Transmissions Podcast, all projects by the same network of creators and led by Madam Neverstop, and collaborators in the US, Berlin, and other cities.


The Partners:

Litteraturcentrum KVU: Litteraturcentrum KVU is an international literary initiative we often promote as a league of publishers in Scandinavia. Red Door is published through this collaboration.

Kultivera: Kultivera operates international cultural programs that are physical, social and creative; that stimulates and inspires both the artists and the local community. It is the organization in charge of the Tranås Fringe Festival and their curriculum of activities can be seen on the issues of the Red Door Magazine.

Write4Word: Is a West Wales community organization with a focus on language arts. Its director, Dominic Williams, is a frequent correspondent of Red Door.

La Libélula Vaga: is a spanish literary magazine published in Sweden documenting the work of poets all over the planet, as well as encouraging translations, talks and other collaborations.

Keith FM: is a Berlin-based community radio which invites DJs, musicians and other performers to share their work on their online calendar of rotational programs. Red Transmissions Podcast airs on the 1st Thursday of each month at 15, the 3rd Sunday of each month at 12, and the last Thursday of each month at 3am (for the early birds or those in other timezones).

Trafika Europe Research: seeks to help renew the role of literature in nudging along the European conversation in culture, introduce new voices, foster collaborations and create a kind of “community of communities”. In cultivating an attractive space for it, we hope that a vision of greater cooperation, mutual regard and community across the 47 countries of Council of Europe will continue to grow of its own accord – via a shared appreciation of European literature in all its many forms and communities. This is done through a bookshop, a journal, and a radio, where Red Transmissions Podcast is also on rotation, as well as a selection of its poets / musicians.


The Correspondents/Collaborators:

Tanya Cossio, Mexico
Melaine Knight, Australia
Brandon Davis, X-US/Germany
Dominic Williams, Wales
Martin Andersen, Denmark

The supporters:

Red Door is a free online magazine, and the phonotheque is free as is the podcast, as well as all the events organized at the gallery, so as to be accessible to audiences everywhere without pay walls nor private preferential treatment. However, the initiatives under Red Door’s umbrella do cost money. For this reason, there’s a PATREON platform you can join to give your support, and in exchange receive art, books, magazines, downloads and the satisfaction of allowing these projects to continue. 



Reaffirm your origins, be proud of your culture, of your talent, of your fears, doubts, and emotions. Share them. Urban intervention, poetry in everything we see and do, no dress code. The proposal of Red Door was created as an approach of interaction and continues to be precisely that: a network of like-minded individuals and the possibility of new collaborations together. Information and rebirth through culture and technology, in each page, in each segment.

Take this space as an invitation to step out of the box, break the format and the royal run around, and be part of the action. Show us what you’re made of, how your life is changing others, give everyone a chance to come in and be a part of your projects, your dreams, your story.


Red Door welcomes poetry, visual art, essays, music and film reviews, activist interviews and project narrations, as well as documentation of other multimedia and culture projects making a difference or leaving a mark in the community you are a part of. The open calls are announced via social media and this website, but if you have other subjects or ideas, do pitch them!
Sustainability, community engagement, BIPOC stories, LGBTQ work, disabled artists and mental illness activists and any voices in need of a platform need only reach out, but no matter who you are, if your message is of tolerance and If what you read here resonates with what you do, then let us know about your projects and work.


If you have other inquiries, please write to: for gallery inquiries for magazine and phonotheque inquiries for podcast inquiries for collaborations, invitations, and other inquiries.