Elizabeth Torres is a Colombian/American award-winning poet, multimedia artist and translator, founder and director of Red Door Magazine & Red Door Gallery, host of Red Transmissions Podcast and founder of the Poetic Phonotheque. She is the author of over 20 books of poetry, among them Would you Like to Come Home? (Moloko Print, Germany, 2021), The Ways of the Firefly (Moloko Print, Germany, 2020), Fábulas del Desastre (Mi Cielo Ediciones, Mexico, 2021) In the Jaws of Oblivion (La Impresora, Puerto Rico, 2018) and Preguntas sin Respuesta (Premio Nacional de Poesia, Colombia, 1999).
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Pablo Saborío is a Costa Rican/Danish visual artist and poet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His poetry has appeared in Columbia Journal, Conduit, Rigorous, West Trade Review, DASH, among other literary journals. He has held 5 solo exhibitions in Denmark since 2015. For more information visit
www.pablosaborio.com and beyondlanguagepoetry.com





Tanya Cosío (Mexico) is a writer, actor and editor. She has released four plaquettes, six books of poetry and one play. Tanya has participated as an actress in different theater companies and groups, short films and movies. She has given workshops in Chiapas, CDMX, Jalisco and Barcelona. She was coordinator of the libraries of SCLC, and has worked with the Secretaría de Cultura de Jalisco, CDMX, Secretaría de Cultura and INBA. Tanya collaborates in national and international newspapers and magazines. She is director of Ofiuco Ediciones, and coordinates the cycle “Poéticas de diversas latitudes” of the Feria Internacional del Libro del Palacio del Minería (FILPM).



Mario Z Puglisi (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 1980), is a poet and independent editor. Founder and editor of Meretrices cultural magazine. He won the First Price of the Writers’ Festival at Lakeside, Chapala: Puros Cuentos, in Mexico; International First Poetry Prize at the International Poetry Festival of Puerto Rico, Honorable Mention in the world erotic poetry contest “Blessed be your Body” in Peru, among many others. He has collaborated in dozens of national and international magazines.




Melaine Knight, Australia
Brandon Davis, X-US/Germany
Dominic Williams, Wales
Martin Andersen, Denmark