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3324 Performance + Exhibition by Andreea Vlad

“Take a mirror, sit down in front of it and at midnight you will see your true self.”
-Romanian Tradition*.

Performance: March 25, 2021 for 24 hours

Exhibition: March 26-30th, 2021

Red Door is pleased to invite you to the performative exhibition by visual artist Andreea Vlad “3324”, a representation of a capsule in time belonging to a vast self-exploration, where self-portraiture as daily practice allows for the awareness of interior reality, psychological and emotional layers beneath the physical appearance.

On the occasion of her 33rd birthday, the artist will employ drawing as a method of self-discovery through an intense 24hr ritual of repetitive self-portrait creations and polaroids, pulling the unconscious to the surface to summon all her presences to appear on the paper.

“3324 is a visual representation of every hour of my 33rd birthday. The result is a series of 24 drawings exploring the physical and psychological appearance of my face accompanied by 24 photographs, to register the state of my emotional presence after each drawing.”
– Andreea Vlad.

In accommodating the gallery space to the current restrictions, the performance will take place within Red Door throughout 24 consecutive hours, with the windows of the gallery allowing for observation of the event from the outside of the space, connecting with the artist through the mirrors and reflections, turning the space into an incubator where the birthing of creative expressions occur.

Once the performance is over, from the 26th to the 30th of March, the gallery will open its doors to the viewing of this year’s exhibition, as well as of 3224, last year’s version of this same artistic concept.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Andreea Vlad is a visual artist who works with a multidisciplinary approach and an emphasis in portraiture, combining a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, and a dramatical use of lighting, going from fast gestural sketches to labor-intensive large-scale drawings.


*An old Romanian tradition says that on the night of the 24th of March, on Annunciation’s Eve at midnight, girls who had been fasting would kneel naked and dishevelled in a dark room, between two mirrors, holding a lit candle in each hand. Staring intensely in the mirror in front of her, the girl would see scenes from her future over her shoulder, reflected in the mirror behind her. Induced by a trance from a lack of sleep and repetitive actions, the mind takes over and the mirror offers images from present, to past, and into the future.
** Annunciation’s Day is celebrated by Christian tradition on the 25th of March as the day of the announcement by Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

Starting time: 24.03.2021 23.59
Duration: 24 hrs
Location: Red Door, Møllegade 23a kld, Nørrebro
24 drawn self-portraits in various techniques, 1 every hour, and 1 polaroid per hr.
Key concepts: Drawing as self-inquiry. As exploration. As prayer. As exorcism. As ritual. As play.

Red Door pop-up show, July 12 – 13, 2019

Thorsgade 89, Nørrebro

Red Door is honored to welcome Kirsten Reynolds‘ show DARK AGES to Copenhagen, on the weekend of July 12-13, as a pop-up exhibition. Kirsten’s art is featured on the cover of our most recent publication of RED DOOR MAGAZINE, issue #20, THE FUTURE:

Kirsten Reynolds is an English artist whose current work uses photography, painting, printmaking and sound / light installation to re-interpret classical themes relating to landscape, nature and the environment. Preferring to work off the beaten track, Reynolds chooses significant locations to make nocturnal light drawings that capture dynamic traces of the artist’s movements in response to each specific landscape.

Whilst this technique has been much used over the years in science and the arts, Reynolds has developed a unique approach and her background in music and sound art makes her intuitive physical response to the chosen location both compelling and powerful.

DARK AGES is an exhibition that connects the latest creations by Reynolds to a previous exhibition under the same name exhibited in London.
The event will take place in Nørrebro and welcome drinks will be served. It’s free for all to come and join us, and there’ll be a bar accepting cash and mobilepay. If you’d like to learn more about the artist, please visit:
instagram: @reynolds_art
fb: Kirsten Reynolds
twitter: @Reynolds_Art

The Visitor

(El Visitante)
Red Door pop-up show, April 13, 2019

The Artist’s Studio – Colombia, 2018
Brushstrokes that charge, caress and impact. A galloping of shadows on red corners. Movements that touch us like fertile impulses of rain.
Manifestations of city and moss, spilling themselves with the vertigo of an artist’s desire, while a tango plays in the background. But that’s my interpretation.
What do you see in the art of Jose Osorio?
Stories sometimes interlace themselves through decades, all in the name of art. These passions, these visions, are the fruit of the cosmos that sustain us and lead us towards paths never imagined.
I know of a man whose work coils up and twirls like women’s figures, but still also feels like archives of the mind we only peek through.
He comes from the surrealist land of cloud-covered mountains and coffee that some of you only recall because of its ravaging and interminable social conflict, Colombia.
I, too, come from this land, but we know one another from a different reality.
You see, this man can tell you the stories of New York that the city itself now begins to forget; of the endless nights of winter in the squatted buildings of the Lower East Side. He can tell you of the camaraderie that consumed us all and filled our days with poetry, absinthe, tobacco and bohemia. Through decades of this existence, Jose Osorio dedicated himself to pouring his visions on the canvas. Charcoal, oil, watercolor and pastel as his main instruments.

This man will tell you he’s got nothing to teach you, because that’s not his purpose.

Instead, he will welcomingly show you the result of his efforts. The conversations with the canvas. The precise miscalculations and dances of lovers, as interpreted in his paintings.
I do not want to write much more about him, because art is not to be explained, but witnessed. Testified. Experienced. And so, my only way to truly share with you the admiration and delight that connects me to his work, as well as the comradeship that unites us through continents, is to invite him here, to Copenhagen…
and to invite you to be a part of this encounter
Shall we?
Elizabeth Torres
Red Door Gallery & Magazine
Save the date: April 13, 2019, kl.14 – 21
(open to the public, free event)
Red Door pop-up exhibition
click here for the facebook event
Location: Thorsgade 89, Nørrebro, KBH kl.14 – 21
Welcome drinks will be served to the early birds.
Bar will accept cash and mobilepay.
Live performance of Icelandic Blues by musician ET Tumason,
to complete an excellent evening.

Studio visit, Colombia 2018