Created in Scandinavia during 2018, Red Press is an independent publishing project in collaboration between Red Door (DK) and Tre Tärningar (SE).

We publish limited editions of poetry in its varied spectrum of styles, subjects, voices and languages, whether by emerging or renown writers, with quality and uniqueness as our base criteria.

Our current focus is in Spanish, English, Swedish and Danish, as well as bilingual books with the mentioned languages as the original text. Our operations are based in Copenhagen and Malmo, but we also distribute our books through fairs and friend organizations in other cities of Europe, as well as in the US and South America during our personal tours.

We are not a print-by-demand project and we do not charge authors for their publications. We do not request nor receive funds from any government, private, nor public institution, and fund our project ourselves with the purpose of maintaining transparency and manageable logistics in the name of poetry.

We publish in rounds of selected books, based on our time availability and the strong belief on the work we are publishing. Stay tuned for more information.

If you’d like to submit a book proposal, please write to:
(att: Lalo Barrubia – Elizabeth Torres).


-First round of publications, Fall 2019
-Second round of publications, Spring 2020
-Third round of publications, Fall 2020 < Now accepting submissions.



Red Press