About the Magazine:
Red Door Magazine is a quarterly Arts & Culture print and online publication launched in New York in 2009. Our magazine aims to document the work of creators everywhere, from emerging to established poets, authors, visual artists, photographers and visionaries. Our past editions have included work from award-winning artists and renowned authors, and our publications are often created / curated / made in collaboration with / released by international cultural organizers and publishers.

Our multicultural international magazine is today based in Scandinavia and has featured creative minds from across the globe. Red Door Magazine showcases poetry, visual art, photography, interviews, editorial comment and translation.

We are looking for work that will dazzle and move us, while transforming the way we look and engage with the world.

The Story:
The Red Door platform was created in New York in 2009 as an independent hub to connect the international artistic community and to serve as a space for free expression in any field. Our goal today remains the same: rebuilding the present by allowing creative voices to forge new pathways of influence inside the cultural world.

Today, Red Door Magazine has established a network of collaborators and readers that extends to various continents, including Australia, Latin America, the US and Europe, with Denmark and Sweden as the physical headquarters of Red Door Magazine.

About the magazine