In the spirit of worldthreading and with the goal of strengthening ties for our EU network of publishers and performers, Red Door invites you to a weekend of networking, performing, connecting and sharing your latest projects, work, and community initiatives.
This is a meeting specifically for cultural organizers to share their projects and establish ties with fellow organizations of similar perspectives, as well as for translators and poets/performers interested in cultural organization.
A poetry reading night/performances will be hosted on April 2nd in collaboration with local businesses at La Fee Verte, as a fundraising effort for Ukrainian solidarity.
If you are interested in participating in the poetry night or in the entire event, please confirm your attendance at: stating the name of your organization, your field of work, projects and why this event is of interest to you.
*This project is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond.
**In addition to our Nordic participants, representatives of other countries interested in Nordic exchanges are listed as “International” below.

Day 1: Welcome drinks, exhibition and informal meet & greet.

Day 2: Meet at Red Door at 10.
The Network: Presentations.
Show and tell of each of our projects, publications and interest areas.
Day 2: Evening: Performances!!! (Event starts at 16, readings begin at 18).
An evening at La Fee Verte to enjoy poetry, absinthe, and reconnecting with friends. PUBLIC EVENT.

Day 3: Establishing the Network.
Meet at Red Door at 14 for laying down the foundation of our collaboration.
Dinner together!

Day 4: Optional:
Podcasts, walks in the city or other activities.
Evening: International Hybrid Open Mic night, presented by Write4Word’s Mel Perry (digitally) and Dominic Williams (on-site).

Day 5: Departure day.
More details TBA.
-If you received a letter of invitation, please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience.
-If you did not receive a letter of invitation but feel this initiative is of interest and you fit the description of the participating parties, please write to

See the book compilation here:

Red Press

-Emma Leppo (Bokkens Hus & Turku’s Poetry Week)
-Daniel Malpica (Helsinki – Suomen Pen & Independent cultural organizer)
-Elena Ilkova (Ós Pressan)
-Elizabeth Torres (Red Door + Project Manager)
-Pablo Saborío (Red Door Poetry Editor)
-Morten Ranum (Tremella Radio)
-Colm O’Ciarnain / Dominic Williams (Kultivera)
-Magnus Grehn (Litteraturcentrum KVU).
Pil Cappelen Smith – Cappelens Forlag
Dominic Williams (board member of Litteraturcentrum KVU)
Ines Lampreia (connected to Sweden through Kultivera)

Red Thread – 2022