As part of the cultural organizing of Red Door, led by Elizabeth Torres, and often involving a combination of poetry performance, film screenings, workshops and panels, Red Door partnered with Artival during 2023 for its RE:CONNECT festival, which has been taking place in the Nordic countries.

ARTIVAL is a multilingual cultural festival which takes place across the Nordic region in 2023. ARTIVAL brings artists, cultural workers and organisations together in a sustainable manner to co-create and reflect on issues of inclusion and belonging through exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops and recitals.

ARTIVAL reimagines the boundaries of the classic arts festival by placing artists, the artistic process and advocacy at the center: it is about bringing people and places together, creating meaningful and enriching experiences; and about gaining a clearer understanding of different processes, perspectives and viewpoints that exist in local artscapes. While maintaining relevance and high quality standards, the artworks, materials produced and the audiences who bear witness are secondary.

ARTIVAL 2023 takes place in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Bornholm, Malmö and Copenhagen.

The Red Door collaboration involved screening of films in the permanent collection of the Poetic Phonotheque, as well as documentation via podcasts and the magazine, curation of the events, and a worldthreading marathon of delicious poetry and exchange of knowledge. Special thanks to IMMART for the invitation, Nordisk Kulturfond for the support, and the partners of Artival, including Hallwyl Museum and Globe Art Point who hosted the talks, as well as Cappelens Forslag in Oslo for hosting us… and of course, to all the participating poets, thank you!

Learn more about the festival here: