About the Texas Firehouse….


The Texas Firehouse started seven years ago when Wyatt Nash, Robert Deeds, Ken Wiatrek, Seth Mittag and Jeff Thompson took over the building and converted it into an exciting live/work space in Long Island City, Queens. Over the years they have put on art exhibits, music shows, iron pours, video shoots etc.
It was the birthplace of Terrible Eagle, Eyestek and a temporary home to Indian Jewelry. Current home to The Electric Set, ahem.
There was so much done and still so much more to do. In the end our landlord, who is a cunt, inherited the property when the original owner died. Now she is getting married to a guy, who is a twat, that thinks he can get real rich in the New York real estate game. Fuck them both and the games they play. As for us, our games continue in new and exciting ways.  We will host a party or two before the last day and of course there will be a garage sale – everything must go. Holla for more details.

Dates: Jan 19-21st, Garage Sale

Last Show: Jan 26th.

more updates coming soon. as well as a new full year of content.

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