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“I’ve often thought that there isn’t any “I” at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion.”
―A. Crowley. (Diary of a Drug Fiend).


RED DOOR MAGAZINE – 12th ISSUE – March, 2013

We are all dead. The sun has set one time on our surprised corpses and our tired old selves have disintegrated. These are new eyes that feast on this world for the first time.  The city appears to us strange,  like a confused animal.  Upon further inspection we see that it is sick. It is swarmed by creatures eating away at it’s flesh. It is caught in a net of electric wires and  pipes and screws and such a tangled mess.

Our first instinct is to save it. The new mind clinging to the past. Over time, the sick city and it’s inhabitants fade from our thoughts. They are no different than the fish in the sea, following the currents toward their end.
Death and destruction are constant. All over.

We are alive. We are reborn. Re-risen. We awaken with a new mind and a full heart. That is all. Always as strangers far away from home. There is no home. There is nothing.
Keep on truckin’!

Directed by: Elizabeth Torres – Brandon Davis.

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featured on this issue:

Nemcatacoa Theater – From Colombia, on tour now

Nicole Delgado, from Puerto Rico, in NY presenting her book “El Eco de las Formas”

Ocean View – Directly from Copenhagen, Denmark

The Electric Set – New Video: Coyote

Michael Alan – Dances with chaos

Also featured in this issue:

Poetry by Franco Steeves 

Art by:


Angie Mason

Joshua Barber

Parker Fritz

Hugo Rojas

Handy Andy

Daniel Caballero

Rachael Bridge

Ping He

Ernesto Guzman

Lou Patrou

Lorena Ortiz

Valeria De La Pava

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