In spite of the uncertainties and challenges of 2020, Red Door continued to grow through the year and expand its network, through events, podcasts and publications, and for this I’d like to extend a big message of gratitude to all our collaborators, contributors, supporters and readers.

-During the spring of 2020 a new Patreon campaign was started, for you to be able to join as a subscriber of this platform for independent creators and receive exclusive content, such as book downloads, mp3s of music and talks, prints, stickers, postcards, printed editions of the magazine and more. The membership of patreon starts at 3usd a month (or higher, depending on the benefits you choose to receive) and your support directly goes to help with the costs of maintenance of the online magazine (which is free for our communities), the podcast, the phonotheque, as well as the monthly software needed to put these services together. You can sign up here:

A current offer invites you to sign up and receive a free Red Door inauguration t-shirt at your home. Signing up for 20usd or more a month makes you a subscriber of the physical edition of Red Door Magazine, shipped to your home 4 times a year. Thank you for joining us!


From the ethereal songs of The Space Lady, to the mastermind behind Bandcamp’s editorial, festival organizers, award-winning writers, circus performers and absolute rock stars, the Red Transmissions Podcast keeps on giving! It’s been 27 episodes and the list of characters and wonderful conversations keeps on growing. You can tune-in via Spotify, iTunes, most podcast providers, or simply by visiting


Back in April, the Poetic Phonotheque was born as a response to the world’s social distancing and our needs to continue sharing and listening to poetry. The collection of poetry recordings in the voice of their poets now houses around 100 poems, but I encourage you to be part of it and send your poem to be part of the collection. Find the phonotheque on the Red Door website.

Issue #25 (the Deviant issue!) is now available online, with free access to all who have access to the internet. It is a wonderful selection of artists and activists with a deviant touch, from erotic photography and painting, to the academic studies of Burroughs and work of the European Beat Studies Network, along with a Punk Letters project in Sweden and a documentary on the benefits and weed in Australia.

A great thing to celebrate is Red Door’s collaboration with Litteraturcentrum SVU in Sweden, a league of publishers! whose guidance and help has allowed for this to be the year when Red Door finally took the jump and also became a collectible printed issue. You can acquire copies of the magazine via

It’s my joy to announce that Red Door Gallery has now relocated to Møllegade 23 a kld, 2200 Nørrebro, which will host a series of exhibitions, workshops, hybrid events, podcast recordings and other cultural happenings when and as the current regulations allow. In the meantime, feel free to visit to read the latest issue of the magazine and learn about the history of this location, as well as see some images. On the shop of this website you can also see some of the current art available. A limited edition of Red Door inauguration posters was also printed, and a few copies are still available, signed and numbered:


The goal for 2021 is to begin printing a collection of limited edition chap books of poetry in translation. This is to say, poetry in its original language and at least one other translation. The purpose of this collection is to help promote the work of migrant writers residing in countries that do not speak the languages they write in, as well as to help create awareness to the importance and beauty of poetry in translation, the task of translating, and the magic of poetry in languages we do not understand. There’s also something to say about object books being not just readable objects but collectors items, and so the combination of these reasons makes of Red Press an exciting adventure.

Due to the limited budget of Red Door’s projects, the idea is to create a small run of each book, available on the website of Red Door as well as at the gallery.

If you are a poet or a translator (or a poet & translator combo) with a manuscript you would like to submit for consideration, please write to:

So you see, in spite of not being able to travel, and all the cancelled performances and gigs, Red Door remained in its own way very active, growing and optimistically building more connections and projects so that we can all continue to celebrate art and culture wherever we are.

I invite you to sign up to the newsletter to receive more frequent updates, give your support via Patreon, or send your handwritten & typewritten letters to:
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Wishing you a resilient and creative 2021,

Madam Neverstop.

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