NATURE & CULTURE – International Poetry Film Festival is here!

Dear worldthreaders,

the 2nd edition of NATURE & CULTURE (International Poetry Film Festival) is right around the corner… no, wait, look, it’s here!

This festival, which is all about poetry but in reality, so much more than that, because it is about environmental awareness, diversity, cultures, film… worldthreading, and the ways we as humans express and connect, is back in its second edition this Sunday, November 20.

Here’s the beautiful poster, designed by Danish artist Hunter Berg.

…And here is the program for the physical event, which is taking place this November 20 at Husets Biograf in Copenhagen.

As you can see, it contains everything from director talks, to poetry readings, and the screenings of animations, shorts, experimentals, documentaries and… POETRY films.

It is true that this is a yearly festival, and by that it wouldn’t be a lie to say that it takes us a whole year to plan it. Us as in me and my many hats, but thankfully also a beautiful team of collaborators, from the organizers and volunteers at Husets Biograf who welcomed this project with open arms, to the collaborators of The Poetic Phonotheque in Sweden, KULTIVERA, who help with organization and promotion, but also have a segment of Swedish poetry and “Cinematic Ekphrasis” as part of this… and of course, the Red Door team, this year featuring Pablo Saborio as one of the performers, along with Colombian/Swedish poet Angela Garcia.

Are you in Copenhagen? There are still some tickets left and you can order them here:

Are you elsewhere in the planet?

Have no fear!

We received over 600 films and from this made a selection of 100, which you can enjoy for free during the festival’s digital screening by visiting

And yes, all the poetry films become part of the permanent collection of the Poetic Phonotheque, which is often on tour in the Nordic region.

The festival this year has a focus, apart from the core ecological awareness and support to environmental messages, in the voices of indigenous communities around the planet. It is a very moving, empowering and eye-opening selection, so I truly hope you take the time to listen to the dreams, secrets, messages and stories they’ve agreed to share with us.

Here’s a few stills from what we can expect in this coming festival:

HUNI (Brazil) Directed by Danielle Mccormick: The Huni Kuin are a remote indigenous tribe living in the Amazon rainforest. The psychedelic brew Ayahuasca is a key part of their spirituality. They are so concerned about the effects climate change is having on the jungle they held a tribal gathering and Ayahuasca ceremony to pray.

SENTENCES (Germany) Directed by Cia Rinne: Sentences is based on sentences from the book with the same title by Cia Rinne. In sentences, it is the sentence as a linguistic unit itself that reflects on its purpose and position.

MOTHBOX (US) Directed by Nathan King: a short experimental animated film using paper cut outs and a multiplane camera system that involves three layers of glass.

THE FUTURE IS FABRIC (Australia) Directed by Julia Marin: The tumultous and triumphant life of Lao Master Weaver, Khaisy Sophabmixay. Born in the midst of conflict, Khaisy began a woman-led enterprise with one loom and two weavers. After decades of championing traditional, sustainable textile design, she has now been recognised as one of Asia’s greatest artisans.

And as a little extra token, I can share with you that as part of my MFA Program in Performing Arts, lately I’ve been working on a short film with a few of my classmates. It is called The Findings, which is a poem of my authorship, and it is done in collaboration with Anna Carla Maria Penati and Tjörvi Lederer, who will be present at the festival to introduce it in its premier night.

So, without further ado, I invite you to enjoy this incredible festival, starting on Sunday and continuing until November 30.

My gratitude to everyone who participated with their films or who is in one way or another involved with this project.

Love and film and poetry,

Madam Neverstop

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