Poetry is blooming this spring, and issue 32 of Red Door is all about it!

Dear friends,
we are happy to share with you issue #32 of Red Door Magazine, “Organisms and Structures”.

Every issue of Red Door Magazine is a feat, a work of love and dedication, worldthreading and sacrifice. It is a magazine run by voluntary work which does not do advertisements nor commercial articles so as to keep the art, the poetry, the work presented free of other interests than that of their own value.
But it is still a challenging task and every issue, and every year, I am amazed that we keep going. On this special day of May 1st, we celebrate the launch of issue #32 of Red Door Magazine and invite you to read it FREE online, for this has always been the main goal: to keep art accessible to everyone, wherever they are, (so long as there’s internet access for them to see it I guess).

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But for now, please enjoy the spring issue of Red Door Magazine, “Organisms and Structures”.
Take this. It is good for you.

-Madam Neverstop.

Red Door Magazine issue 32 “Organisms & Structures” is now online, featuring the art of Madeline Von Foerster
Photography by Carella Keill
An Immart special summary of activities from Artival Nordic Festival
A celebration of Tranås at the Fringe, Sweden
A report of operations from Perfect Binding Bookfair with HUSET and Husets Biograf, Copenhagen
Exhibition announcements or Red Door Gallery for spring, summer and beginning of fall shows Red Door
The Witnessing of Days poetry by Aleisa Ribalta, Carolina Olguín, Juana M. Ramos, Negma Coy and Liliana Isabel Velásquez

A selection of poetry by Scott LaMascus, Alison Lubar, Emelia Reuterfors, Glen Armstrong and Susan Harvey.
With a feature illustration by Martin Andersen @skyggelaegger
Along many other exciting articles and stories waiting for you at http://www.reddoormagazine.com

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