Red Door Gallery welcomes your exhibitions, performances, workshops and other happening proposals, to take place for our calendar year of 2024.

These will take place at Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen, located at Møllegade 23a kld, 2200 KBH N.

We are currently accepting proposals until December 15 of 2023.


All submissions must contain:

-A prepared portfolio that shows the continuity of the artist’s work, style and imagery.

-Documentation of works and previous shows.

-Artist statement and bio.

-Written proposal including title, description of show, and the amount of pieces to be presented, as well as an idea of the program for the opening and/or closing nights.


There is a fee of 200 dkk (27EU / 30 USD) for all who submit. Please ensure to submit all the material to with confirmation of payment.


Your proposals will be considered by the team behind Red Door activities, and you will be receiving a response between December and January, on a first-come first-serve basis. Please keep in mind that submitting an application does not ensure an exhibition at our gallery.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading about your work!

Read more about our gallery here.


***If your exhibition is chosen, you will receive a signed agreement and we will coordinate dates that suit you. Our gallery is based in Copenhagen but it is a commercial space so we cannot offer you accommodation. The gallery receives 35% of sales from all artwork, products and sales done at the gallery.

**The gallery is based on Møllegade, a central street in Nørrebro, known for its literary and creative activities. However, this is also a residential area, so we do not accept proposals to loud party type of events or concerts, as our events often end at kl.21

*Please think of Red Door as a community-focused space, with DIY and DIT personality. We aim not to be a traditional exhibition/gallery relationship, but one of mutual collaboration and support, where together we build with what we have to make sure your visions can manifest.

—–We are a self-sustained, inclusive space, and welcome all ideas and concepts, but have no tolerance for discrimination, racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism or messages that divide and pollute our world. Our focus is environmental, mental and social sustainability, so please keep this in mind when submitting your proposal.